Lounge Underwear




Solihull, UK


Women's Fashion

Project Details

Multiple Couriers, Peak Season Strategy, Bespoke Documents, All Delivery Days Enabled, Custom Shipping Rules.

Let's Grow Together: Supporting one of the UK's Fastest Growing Retailers

Since Shipster's inception in 2016, it's been exciting seeing our clients grow in the last 5 years too. We're proud to have been one of the building blocks in their successes and many have continued to thrive even through the 2020 pandemic. 

A fantastic example of this is Lounge Underwear who ranked number 5 on The Sunday Times Fast Track 100 list 2020 (Britain’s private companies with the fastest-growing sales). Since onboarding with Shipster in 2017, they have more than quadrupled their licenses and are now one of our biggest clients.

The Lounge #MyBoobsMyBody Campaign

Lounge Underwear came from humble beginnings, founded in 2015 by a young couple duo who wanted to create women’s underwear that is both stylish and comfortable. Now the brand is everywhere, you don’t have to scroll very far on Instagram to find an influencer sporting a Lounge matching set. By 2018 they had already outgrown their first warehouse space, and by 2020 they were shipping thousands of orders daily. At their core, Lounge Underwear have a strong loyalty to womankind, including mother nature. On their website, they describe how they strive to be carbon negative. Some examples of how they do this is that all their packaging is made from 100% recycled materials, and they have a new collection that is made from fabric that is 95 % bamboo which naturally decomposes. 

Since Shipster is custom software, it can flexibly respond to sudden changes in your business. Here are some ways that Lounge Underwear has used Shipster’s many functions to manage their rapid growth:

• The more packing stations you have Shipster installed on, the more orders you can process simultaneously. For this reason, Lounge have been steadily increasing their Shipster licenses over the past few years. They also add Shipster to more PCs during especially busy periods such as Black Friday.

• Lounge use Shipster to automatically generate customs documentation for their overseas shipments. Due to their huge volume of orders for a relatively small team, it would be very time consuming, and therefore expensive, to print and manually fill in all the necessary customs forms. This is especially true post-Brexit as the requirements for shipping to the EU are now more thorough and still changing.

• Through Shipster, they print customized documents that contain the order reference number to be included in the parcel for when a customer is returning items. This assists Lounge in manage their large volume of returns and keep track of orders.

• Lounge have chosen to integrate with five couriers, whereas most of our smaller clients integrate with just two of three. Having more couriers to choose from allows them to always ship quickly and cheaply to almost anywhere in the world. Since they have such a high volume of parcels to dispatch, this also prevents them from accidentally meeting their maximum quota for pick up with a courier and being unable to ship more that day. The extra cost of multiple courier integrations is worth it to offer excellent shipping options for their customers.

• All their delivery days are enabled. This allows them to dispatch orders every day of the week if they need to and means all order processed on a certain day are picked up by the courier on the same day. Getting orders out quickly is not only advantageous for the customer; it frees up space in the warehouse for more stock.

• Lounge use a series of coded rules to allocate shipping services rather than using manual selection. Having so many courier shipping options to choose from for such a wide range of countries can be difficult to keep track of, leading to potential mistakes. Instead, this decision making is all automated in Shipster. Couriers and services are allocated based on a variety of conditions such as destination, weight and even day of the week.

In general, Shipster is a great facilitator of growth for retailers with some of our retail clients describing how Shipster has allowed them to grow in ways they never thought possible. In general, Shipster enables warehouses to process more orders in less time, without necessarily hiring more staff, by removing the time spent inputting data when manually buying shipping.