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Shipster is an Oddsphere Ltd shipping platform for businesses in need of custom shipping integrations with any courier, warehouse or sales system. The beauty of Shipster is the amazing level of shipping customization made possible for clients using the Shipster rules engine. With this, customers can automate the allocation of shipments to the correct shipping service based on any criteria e.g. parcel weight, destination, date, product type, store collection etc.

Shipster was first developed to integrate a client’s Peoplevox system with multiple couriers and has since experienced great organic growth due to the level of customization, setup changes and label printing offered on one monthly fee (no pricing per label!).

We’re located in the Northern Quarter of Manchester city centre and have eaten nearly everything in a 1-mile radius. Our office is kitted out with state-of-the-art gaming chairs, an on-screen systems & infrastructure monitor and a life-size cutout of Shrek.

Shipster is brought to you by Oddsphere Ltd

The Shipster Team

Tony Cheetham

MD & Chief Developer 🎮👨‍🍳🚀🥨🖥️

Hayley Cowburn

Marketing Director 🐕🎮💃🏼🍸🌱

Damian Donnelly

Client Services Director 🎸🎵🍺🏃‍♂️🌴

Amanda Hosking

Office Manager 🐶🌻🍹🎵🧘

Alex Downie

Application Support 🍺🎸🎵🎮

Rachel Bircher

Application Support 💃🏳️‍🌈🍷🎬🍑

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