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Customise the way you ship via Polar Speed with a custom shipping integration by Shipster


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For Temperature-controlled shipping, look no further than our Polar Speed integration.


Polar Speed are Coldchain Pharmaceutical Specialists which means they focus on shipping temperature-sensitive goods. Founded in 1996, then acquisitioned by UPS in 2014, Polar Speed have made pharmaceutical distribution their main focus since 1999. This came after they won their first UK national vaccine contract that they are still fulfilling to this day. Now their delivery network spans 98% of the country. Their fully trained healthcare drivers deliver weekly to thousands of private and NHS medical facilities as well as directly to patients. Polar Speed offer a variety of shipping services customised to each customer’s individual needs, including temperature controlled storage options. They also provide logistics solutions arranged and managed by an in the house of experts.


Polar Speed always strive to stay ahead of the curve and make sure they use the most up-to-date technology for correctly delivering temperature sensitive products. It is especially important for them to continue to innovate in order to keep up with the ever-changing nature of the healthcare industry. In the last few years in particular, healthcare provisions have become more varied and complex so the demand for shipping biomaterials and temperature sensitive medications has risen. On their website, Polar Speed are very transparent about exactly how they have risen to this challenge.


In general, Polar Speed pride themselves on having good customer service and prompt, reliable shipping services. It is evident they follow through on these promises as they have an excellent reputation, causing their business to grow largely through recommendations and word of mouth.


How does our Polar Speed integration work?

Shipster pulls information about your orders from your warehouse management system. It uses this information to directly book in the shipment with Polar Speed, obtains a tracking number and prints a shipping label. The service chosen is customisable through the use of ‘rules’ that map certain data points in each orders to trigger a variety of features. 

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Create rules from dozens of conditions and commands

Example Shipping Rules

Dangerous Goods

Create as many shipping rules as you need to handle and ship dangerous goods safely. Products marked as dangerous or matching a particular product category can trigger Shipster to print the correct shipping documentation, staff instructions and allocate to the appropriate courier service.

Temperature Control

Flag which products require temperature specific transport/storage and automatically divert orders containing these products to appropriate specialised shipping services. Rules can also be used to print accompanying instructions or warnings for the packers handling these shipments.

Store Collection

Use Shipster to print shipping labels for specific stores that your customers can collect their parcels from. This can be accompanied by returns slips that show customers how to easily return parcels to the same store.

Colour Coding

Boost the speed of your sorting and loading at the despatch point by triggering colour coded labels per shipment type, e.g. Next-day orders printed on red labels.

3rd Party Platforms

If orders sold on a third-party platform are tagged to reflect this, rules can be mapped to send them on a particular service.

Multi Courier Accounts

Set up as many accounts as you need with your integrated couriers without having to increase your Shipster licences. Each account can then be selected depending on whatever data points you want, such as destination countries or order type. Our clients who have multiple brands operating from one warehouse find this feature especially useful.

Set Export Type

Allocate the export reason and method for customs purposes based on certain data points such as whether the order should be shipped Delivered Duty Paid or Unpaid. Indicate where items are being sent as a gift with no commercial value to avoid unnecessary customs charges.

Reset Price Values

Use rules to automatically set a default price value for certain order types. For example, you may wish to set the total price as 0 when the items being mailed are gifts or for marketing purposes. This helps avoid inflated customs charges. These rules can also be used to apply discounts and reconcile incorrect price values.

Manufacture Country

Pass on information about the country of origin for items from your warehouse management software to Shipster, that will in turn feed this information to your couriers and print it onto documentation. Set a default country of manufacture to be used when this information is missing. This is especially important for post-Brexit customs information for shipment being imported into the EU.


Shipster currently integrates with over 40 leading couriers and is a popular integrator for warehousing and eCommerce platforms such as Peoplevox, Linnworks and Inventory Planner. Other integrations we have built from scratch include accounting software, digital storage, privately built software solutions and third-party logistics suppliers. This means whatever software you are using, it's likely that we can propose an integration solution for you. 

We charge an initial set up fee of either £2500 or £1500 if you sign an initial two year contract. After that there is a monthly support fee of just £50 per Shipster licence. This allows you access to our 24/7 technical support services and make limitless changes to your rules. That’s it, no other additional hidden costs. Get your own instant pricing using our Shipster pricing calculator.

No! Unlike some shipping related software that puts a cap on the amount of orders that can be processed daily, Shipster does not have such limits. Use Shipster to generate as many labels as you require, allowing you ultimate flexibility. 

We recommend Shipster for all business sizes. This software is great if you are small business with a high demand or are looking to grow your customer base as automatic label generation helps you process more orders in less time with less manpower. Shipster is designed to be flexible around companies’ changing needs. You can easily increase your licences and edit your set up and algorithm as often as you need as your business expands and shifts. 

You can make changes to your rules whenever you want and as many times as you want. Shipster is designed to be fully customisable and flexible around your various shipping needs. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like to make any changes to your current Polar Speed integration. 

In Shipster you can turn despatch days on and off and change collection cut off times for each courier. This would be useful if a courier doesn't pick up your orders on certain days, or usually collect in the middle of the day. For example, if your cut off time was 17:00 and you turned off Sunday, an order processed at 18:00 on a Saturday would have a despatch date of the following Monday. 

Shipster has long established integrations with our close partner Peoplevox, Linnworks, inventory planner and Shopify to name a few. If your business uses a different system or eCommerce platform, we would be happy to look into creating a bespoke integration from scratch. 

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Customers that use this integration

CHO Fashion & Lifestyle

CHO Fashion & Lifestyle

Gareth O'Rourke, Head of E-Commerce

"We have been using Shipster for 18 months and it has literally transformed our warehouse department. We have managed to fully integrate with our three main couriers and significantly improve the speed, efficiency and accuracy at which the warehouse team are able to push parcels out of the building. We have managed to do this with the same number in our despatch team as what we had 18 months ago, even though parcel volumes have gone from 70,000 to 120,000 parcels."



Daniel Mitchell, Operations Manager

"Shipster for us was like a breath of fresh air with regards to our old system. From the first initial onboarding meeting with Shipster, we could tell they were going to be a company that we could rely on to support our business growth. I have found that no request is too big or small, I have found the team at Shipster are always available which in comparison to our old system is a blessing."