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Getting started

We at Shipster like to keep things clear and simple, and we want you to know that you are getting the best deal out of us.  We publish all of our prices, and everybody pays the same.  That said though, we like to give you some options as well.  Our flat rate installation fee is £2500.  This covers all aspects of installation and configuration, including help with setting up your WMS or ERP system to talk to us.

We like to think of the clients we have as partners as well as customer, so we'd love it if you were to commit to a long term relationship with us.  If you sign a three year contract with us, we will reduce that fee down to £1500.  It's not a fixed price contract, you can vary the amount of licenses you have with us whenever you want, we just ask that you commit to remain with us for the full three years.

Our licenses

No matter how much or how little you ship we will always charge you the same.  You decide how many licenses you want, and you can change it any time you want.  We just ask that you give us 30 days notice so we can get your billing correct.

It breaks down like this...

A Shipster license is £35 per month.

A license covers a single courier, on a single installed computer.

If you have two couriers and you want them installed on two computers, then would require four Shipster licenses.

If you want to get a bit more complicated you can have four couriers total but perhaps only install two on each PC.  We don't care how many couriers you have, just now many you use.  Two couriers per computer, on two computers would still only require four Shipster licenses.

License Cost Calculator

Total Licenses
Total Cost

Toggle ON or OFF the couriers required on each computer.