What can I customize with Shipster?

Shipster is bespoke software that is designed to be highly customisable by nature. This allows you to use Shipster in whatever way best suits your companies changing needs. You can make changes to your set-up as often you like through our dedicated support team.

Here are some of the top ten most common way our clients customise their Shipster.

1. Shipping rules

The rules engine is the most customisable part of Shipster. There are countless different rules you can add to ensure your orders are processed exactly how you want. The rules engine primarily controls the service and courier selection for your shipments. This can be dependant on whatever you want such as the day of the week, weight, destination country, item content, price, the list is endless. Shipping rules also have multiple other functions such as changing currency, data correction, generating popups and blocking fraudulent addresses.

2. Custom Document Printing

Set Shipster up so it can print any document of your choice alongside courier labels. These can contain data from your order file and print only for certain order types. Examples of what clients use this function for are packing slips, handling instructions and promotional marketing material.


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3. Licences

Quickly and easily increase and decrease your licence number on a monthly basis. This allows our clients to prepare for busy periods by buying for more instances of Shipster which they can then remove as soon as they are no longer needed.

4. Currency

When shipping internationally, choose to automatically convert the sale price information for orders going to certain countries into the desired currency. These conversions will be reflected on your shipping documents such as CN22s, streamlining the process of calculating customs charges at foreign borders.

5. Barcodes

Many of our clients use Shipster to generate custom barcodes and QR codes which are printed onto their shipping documents. This can be useful for processing, returns, or tracking purposes.

6. Multiple Shipper Addresses

Create multiple shipper addresses which can be automatically chosen for certain orders by the rules engine. These addresses can then be printed onto returns information and labels. Our clients who ship from multiple different warehouses find this feature helpful.

7. Print Settings

Shipster has a set of very customisable print settings for each of your labels and PDFs. Choose to print in landscape or portrait, rotate images, save documents to file locations, and switch between multiple different printers.


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8. Duty Options

Add service enhancements that specify who the export duties and taxes are billed to for international shipments. This has becomes especially important for our clients since Britain left the EU as now the duty type must be set to DDP (delivered duty paid) for exports to certain countries.

9. Customs Data

Edit whether customs documents such as CN22s are printed or sent to the courier electronically. This can be customised for each courier/country. You can also change what information these documents contain.

10. Multiple Courier Accounts

Integrate your Shipster with several different accounts for the same courier which can be selected for certain order types. This allows you to separate your orders and is a popular solution for our clients who have sister companies or multiple brands that need differentiating.


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