We've Been Shortlisted For a SaaS Award!

We’re extremely excited to announce that we’ve been shortlisted for a SaaS Award! After already winning a Digital City Award earlier this year, this was another great boost for the Shipster team after a weird 18 months. Hopefully, we can continue to call ourselves an award-winning company too!

shipster saas award finalists

What are the SaaS Awards?

The Software as a Service (Saas) Awards celebrate innovative software solutions, providing international recognition for companies. After the team’s hard work and perseverance over the past 5 years, being shortlisted for such a prestigious award reinforces and highlights the effort that’s been made.

Shipster has been shortlisted for the following category: Best SaaS Product for Shipping, Inventory or Vehicle logistics. We’ve got some stiff competition within this category, so to make the shortlist against so many other innovative companies, really underpins everything we’ve achieved over the past 5 years.

Why have we been shortlisted?

As a SaaS shipping platform, we’ve focused our attention on the impending Brexit roll-out. We ensured that we deployed a Shipster Brexit Build to all clients before January of this year, which would be fit for a deal or no-deal Brexit situation. We knew we needed to be proactive about Brexit, offering our clients the stability they were craving - which was then affected further by the COVID-19 pandemic. Our clients can continue to successfully ship to Europe, as we provided them with clear instructions and guidance on how to make the transition with us.

We’ve managed to move 100% of our customers onto the new Brexit Shipster before the Brexit deadline.

As for many companies throughout the last 18 months, we’ve had to make numerous changes to how we work, as well as deal with the surge in demand that our eCommerce clients experienced too. This meant an increased need for support within our team (and new hires during remote working) - so we created a ‘plug-in-and-play’ setup, ensuring that anyone working from home could seamlessly switch between their office desktop and laptop, with minimal disruption to workflow.

As our team has been so connected, we were able to maintain a constant stream of communication with our clients, ensuring they were aware of new updates and features. In fact, 14 new integrations were built and added to our portfolio for any client to use.

To be truly innovative means to have your clients’ best interests in mind. During the pandemic, we continued to offer free additional shipping licenses and installations to clients who supplied PPE and medical equipment.

Tony Cheetham, Director at Shipster, said: “To be shortlisted for an SaaS Award is an amazing achievement in itself, so it’s great to be recognised for all the hard work the team has put in, especially over the last couple of years with preparing for Brexit, and dealing with a global pandemic. This category is a tough one too, with some big players, so it’s a great accolade to be mentioned next to them.”

Shipster Director, Hayley Cowburn, added: “We’re already super proud of how the team has handled the last year or so in regards to the pandemic, as well as pushing forward with our Brexit changes - but having this recognised by being shortlisted for the SaaS Awards just further highlights just how much they’ve achieved.”

Shipster Director, Damian Donnelly, commented: “We’re focused on innovation and serving our clients - so I’m not surprised we’ve been shortlisted for this award! We’re constantly adapting and building new integrations that are future-proofed, which is integral for the likes of Brexit and working through a pandemic. This is great news for Shipster and all down to the hard work of our amazing team.”

We’ll find out if we’ve won towards the end of this month. Wish us luck!