We're now integrated with Urb-it

Another new integration to announce from Shipster - this time, it’s with eCommerce parcel delivery experts, Urb-it.

Sustainability is high on most companies’ agendas in 2022 - and rightly so, climate change is a hot topic and one we all need to address. Urb-it is no different and bases its entire ethos on transforming urban logistics into a sustainable and eco-friendly practice.

The company wants to create a positive impact on the environment, whilst still providing great levels of delivery service, especially within urban areas. They want to reduce the environmental impact on the communities in these cities and towns, ensuring they limit their contribution to the pollution these communities already suffer from.


Currently the service is available across Europe. By partnering with other logistics companies, they can ensure the last mile of the journey of their parcels and packages is delivered as sustainably as possible. With a 100& e-cargo bike fleet, they’re able to achieve this.

For logistics companies and eCommerce brands, what does this mean for you? With more and more consumers thinking about their buying choices and making more sustainable decisions, partnering with a business like Urb-it can ensure you meet your green goals and encourage conversions - all whilst saving the planet!

At Shipster, we’ve been partnering with sustainable brands for a while, including Hived. It’s part of our own goals to continue adding more companies like this to our roster, offering you as many eco-friendly options as possible.