We're Now Integrated with SkyNet!

We’re excited to announce that Shipster can now be integrated with the courier SkyNet which is the world largest independently owned and managed courier. Whilst their brand is less well known than many of the giants such as DHL or Royal Mail, SkyNet are quietly strong, accounting for over 4 million shipments across the UK border annually. They have a reliable reputation which has made them the courier of choice for international shipments for three of the UKs top five most prominent retailers. SkyNet specialise in providing custom shipping solutions for UK ecommerce companies to help them expand their business to the global market place. This accurately describes many current Shipster users, so we expect this integration to be popular.

On their website, SkyNet describe how they stay efficient and relevant by quickly responding to changes in demand and technology. They have invested heavily in IT solutions with each parcel making its way through 10 different secure and integrated systems during the delivery process. As well as ensuring the parcel is properly handled, it also allows for accurate tracking at every stage. Since around 40 % of all online retail orders are returned, SkyNet believe it is important to use tech solutions to make returns as convenient as possible. This is in the form of user-friendly, customer branded return portals, which are available in a variety of languages. Moreover, in general their servers are protected with air tight firewalls and encryptions so your customer’s data is safe.

SkyNet also pride themselves on their ability to deliver to especially hard-to-reach locations in an express time frame such as certain remote areas in Russia. They do this by using local knowledge and postal systems in order to operate as efficiently as possible, whilst still managing the whole end-to-end process. Their collaboration with local systems means they can offer certain unique services such as secure pick up/ drop off locations worldwide. This, coupled with SMS and email notifications in the customers’ native language, allows deliveries to be flexible with modern day living. They call this ‘final mile’ delivery options.

This SkyNet integration was created as part of the onboarding for a client, a great example of how we’re always happy to look into building courier integrations for new and existing users. Please contact support if you would like to find out more about how to integrate with SkyNet.