We're Now Integrated with Quiqup

We’re Now Integrated with Quiqup!


Another new integration from Shipster - this time we’re now integrated with Quiqup, a delivery company based in the UAE.

Their website offers a free experience of how their delivery updates work. Order a free product from them, confirm your shipping information, and your delivery details will come through to your WhatsApp number.

For Quiqup, the focus is on the full customer journey and experience, particularly in the post-checkout process. Customers are able to track their orders, view notifications, and interact with the support team. This ensures that your customers are looked after and their experience is ideal from start to finish, reflecting well on your company.

According to their website, they’re the fastest in the UAE with next-day and even same-day delivery. You can even register your company within five minutes to launch your deliveries within 24 hours. If you want to impact the UAE market, Quiqup can help you achieve this quickly.

What does this mean for Shipster customers? It means further expansion into the Middle East. After recently taking on a new client in the region, we’re now providing more delivery and courier options than ever before.

The eCommerce industry in the UAE is rapidly growing and more courier options means more of your shipping, your way.