We’re Building a Shipster User Control Panel

Giving our clients the power to control their own configuration without having to pick up the phone

We have decided to build a front-end application for Shipster, giving users a platform to control their own individual Shipster setup. Everything is in the design phase at the moment but we’re hoping to bring you the ability to edit your own Shipster configuration, rules and settings!

We will be able to release more details as time goes on, but for now, we can reveal a little behind our plans and the criteria we have set ourselves in the early stages of development.

Giving users the ability to edit their Configuration

The changes users will be able to make include:

          - Basic shipping rules
          - Licensing setup
          - Number of couriers “switched on” per PC
          - View live shipments
          - Access historical data
          - Check service status (Is CourierX down?)

Control Panel Criteria

We are working towards several criteria that we have set for the control panel which include:

          - Easy to use for Shipster customers
          - No installation (internet browser access)
          - An attractive interface
          - Accessible via desktop and mobile
          - Provide convenience to Shipster users (less time on the phone)
          - Complementing the Shipster support agreement

Clients can still contact Shipster support for help or the implementation of more complex changes, new couriers or integrations etc.

The control panel will be accessible via the Shipster website on desktop and mobile. Users will be given a log in for the primary contact at a company, and they can then create accounts for all other people who require access. It is scheduled for release late 2020 - early 2021. We will keep you posted on its development via the Shipster Newsletter.