The Top Custom Shipping Rules of 2019 that didn’t cost a penny

Here are the top trendy custom shipping rules of 2019 – ideas that have seen many of our clients through a fantastic year of growth for not a penny more. Perhaps there’s something that can be adapted for your warehouse in 2020! Remember, customizing and re-customizing until you have the perfect setup is all part of the Shipster support agreement. 


Postcode Corrections

If something is going consistently or systematically wrong with the postcodes inputted by your customers, the postcode corrector will make automatic corrections - cutting down all that manual intervention when whipping through despatches. 

Shipping Rule for Influencers 💄

Products destined for influencers to review or promote are labelled “influencer” in one of their attribute fields and sent on an express service to reach your social media star as soon as possible for your campaign. An additional packing slip can also be printed with a list of items, descriptions and the campaign information. 

Shipping Service Selection

Automatically select a shipping service according to your criteria e.g. selected destinations or a weight threshold.

Weight Splitting

If the total weight of a parcel exceeds xKG, Shipster can show a pop-up window to allow parcel splitting.

Weight Override

If the weight of an item is listed as 0kg, Shipster can throw up a pop-up window asking the user to input a weight. Much more efficient than having to work out what's wrong with a despatch.

Additional Labels

The use of sticky labels and thermal printers goes beyond addresses and CN22s. The point of despatch is the perfect place for processing labels to be printed – telling workers that a shipment is NEXT DAY, STORE DELIVERY or not to be shipped until MONDAY. Everything can be sorted much more efficiently from there.

Store Collection

Assign a specific service code for store delivery. Shipster can then change the shipping address to the chosen store and print a Collect in Store label for workers to process accordingly at the shipping bench.

Multiple Languages

Print your shipping documentation in the language of the parcel destination. Some of our clients have beautiful invoices in German, French, Spanish, Polish, Dutch and others.

Custom Documentation – Multiple Design Versions

As well as different languages, clients can use their own document designs, logos and fonts e.g. invoices or marketing materials that should print with the relevant order with the correct branding (some clients ship multiple brands).

Courier-Assigned PC or Printer

Individual PCs or printers can be assigned a single courier to improve ground operations. Some clients also use different coloured labels in specially assigned printers so that key shipment types are effectively colour-coded and instantly identifiable.   

So there you have it, the trendiest shipping rules of 2019. Are you shipping to influencers? Shipping different brands? or controlling costs by managing weights? Get in touch with Shipster support if you'd like try any of these custom shipping rules on your Shipster setup. 

What will you be trying in 2020?


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