Next-Day Couriers In The UK

Let’s face it, as humans, our attention spans are diminishing. We’re not fans of waiting around for information - and we don’t have to. Everything we’ve ever wanted to know sits in the palm of our hands and it’s just a click away.

In fact, we’re probably oversaturated with information. We know too much (tin foil hat time). And with access to this information and knowledge, we feel entitled to it - and it also means we feel entitled to quick access to everything else, all without leaving the comfort of our own homes.

The rise of eCommerce has completely transformed the way people shop, and brands have quickly adapted to meet the growing demands of online shoppers. And those demands equal quick, reliable delivery, often with free returns. Next-day delivery is now the gold standard for eCommerce companies - and those who haven’t gotten on board are about to be left behind.

Here’s a list of some of the major couriers in the UK that offer next-day delivery services:

• Royal Mail Next-Day Delivery
• DHL Express Next Day
• UPS Next Day Air
• FedEx Next-Day Delivery
• TNT Next Day Delivery
• Parcelforce Worldwide Next Day Delivery
• Hermes Next Day Delivery
• Yodel Next Day Delivery
• DPD Next-Day Delivery

Please note that not all of these couriers may be available in all parts of the UK. The availability of next-day delivery services may vary depending on the specific locations and delivery options selected. Additionally, there may be other courier companies that also offer next-day delivery services that are not listed here.

Luckily for Shipster customers, we offer the majority of these courier integrations. You can see our full list of couriers here.

Benefits of next-day delivery

Beat your competition

Providing next-day delivery (and now, even same-day delivery) can be a key differentiator for online brands. Offering faster delivery times can attract more customers and increase sales, breeding brand loyalty. Customers like options. The more flexibility you can give them, the more likely they are to keep coming back and avoid your competitors. And these demands are only going to increase further. More than half of Brits think that same-day delivery is important, but currently, only a few couriers are offering this. We’re convinced that it’ll become way more mainstream (and probably sooner than we think…).

Keep your customers happy

We pay for everything online nowadays from bills to groceries to toilet rolls. We’re comfortable with it too. Because online shopping is so commonplace now, customers are trusting - but now they’re expecting more. They’re happy to shop with you, as long as it’s on their terms. Providing next-day delivery, or even same-day delivery, meets demand, influences buying behaviour, and helps reduce the number of customer enquiries about order status and delivery times. They know what they want and when they want it for. You just have to supply it.

Increase in conversion rate

Next-day delivery can also help increase conversion rates, which can only be a bonus for your bottom line. Customers are far more likely to complete a purchase if they know they can receive their order quickly. In fact, 61% of customers are willing to pay more for 24-hour delivery. Not to be sniffed at.

It also creates a sense of urgency. Knowing something can be within reach after just a few clicks and a payment method, consumers are more likely to purchase. Receiving an order quickly means it can also be returned quicker, if necessary. According to Invespcro, 49% of shoppers say that same-day delivery makes them more likely to shop online.

Reduce cart abandonment

Nothing is more infuriating than abandoned carts or baskets for eCommerce companies. We know the reasons why people vanish before committing to a sale - but your focus should be on how to reduce that from happening. Here are just a few common reasons why consumers abandon their carts:

• Having to create an account, rather than being able to checkout as a guest
• High shipping costs
• Lack of shipping options i.e. next-day delivery
• Security issues

online shopping meme

Slow shipping can be the death of an eCommerce business. Dramatic, but true. Not only is it frustrating for your customers, it’s detrimental to your brand, causing consumers to look elsewhere.

Brand reputation

This leads us smoothly to our next point. Your brand reputation is everything. Customers who have positive experiences with fast and reliable shipping are more likely to recommend you to others, both online and offline. Word of mouth is still an invaluable marketing tool.

Final thoughts

Next-day delivery is an essential offering option for eCommerce companies in the UK. It provides a competitive advantage, increases customer satisfaction, improves conversion rates, reduces cart abandonment, and helps build brand reputation. What more could you ask for?

Although offering next-day delivery may come at an additional cost, the benefits of providing it far outweigh the costs. You can stay ahead of the competition, as well as meet the growing demands of your customers who expect fast and reliable shipping options. Same-day is next; make sure you’re ready.