Video: Shipster News & Views Launches

Hear Ye’ Hear Ye’ Shipster Updates & Newsletter Now Available!

Do you spend your days wondering what will happen next with Shipster? Want to make sure you’re not missing out on the latest software update that could be improving the efficiency of your shipping further? Well, put your fears to rest, as we introduce Shipster News.


Our newsletter is designed for customers who want short and concise updates about any new Shipster integrations, features and announcements that might be helpful to their operations. We will post these out once a month to your main contact but also make available for subscription on our website for anyone else.  


“Our updates will be short and sweet; a quick glance of all you need to know.”
                                                                                            - Director Hayley

We encourage customers to always keep in touch and let us know if anything in our newsletter has piqued your interest or if you have further ideas we can use to improve our software. We're constantly developing Shipster with additional couriers, platform integrations and improvements to the user experience - with some big features in the pipeline that you will be the first to know about.