Shipster is now integrated with P2P - in 2 HOURS!

Our fastest Integration build yet – Thanks to our sophisticated infrastructure and a glorious courier API

P2P are a FedEx company who’s aim is to introduce e-commerce businesses to wider markets around the globe. They help their clients to overcome the difficulties that international delivery can bring and make reaching new markets an easy reality.

They offer a number of services, one of which is TRAKPAK - a fully tracked global delivery service. Within this delivery tracking service, they enable the customer to see the parcels every stage of the delivery process. TRAKPAK helps retailers and customers tackle the problems that international delivery can produce.

They also offer a service called UNTRAK - bringing reliability to UN-tracked delivery, this service allows UN tracked parcels to be overseen by P2P professionals at every stage of delivery where quality is often sacrificed over cost.

Another one of their services is EXPRES - fast international delivery solution. This service enables customer's to meet those urgent requirements by their fast International delivery that has no distance restrictions. They deliver next day to Europe, in 1-2 days for USA and 2-4 days for Asia.

P2P is fantastic for any e-commerce business looking to expand their services to international customers.

Comments from the team:

“This was as seamless to integrate with as our existing FedEx integration.”
“The integration only took us 2 hours to build – helped along by the fact that the P2P API is simple, straightforward and functioned exactly as expected.”