Shipster is now integrated with the Deutsche Post Internetmarke Service

One of our record-speed integration builds!

Internetmarke is an online shipping service by Deutsche Post, that allows you to print your own stamps at the point of despatch.

The service is useful for those shipping small to medium shipments ie. letters and packages up to 2 kilograms.

Having already integrated with various other DHL services, including Deutsche Post, building the Shipster–Internetmarke integration was one of our fastest to date. This was despite the challenging Internetmarke documentation written in German.

Additional setup for the client premiering the integration included the creation of invoices in English, German, French and Spanish – each automatically printed according to the shipping address country.

Additional shipping documents can also print according to the destination country e.g. CN22s.

Comments from the team:


"We're always keen to add new couriers in overseas markets and Germany is a growing sector for us, so Internetmarke is a great addition to our list of couriers."
"I loved watching Tony and Damian trying to read German."  

Shipster is an officially approved 3PI by DHL. If you’re looking for a custom shipping integration with a DHL Germany (DHL, DHL Express, DHL Germany, Deutsche Post, Internetmarke) get in touch.