PR: Shipster Now Shipping within United Arab Emirates Following Addition Of 4 UAE Couriers And Dubai

Manchester-based Shipster has taken its first step into the Dubai logistics market following the addition of multiple UAE couriers, as well as taking on new client PackRovers, a technology-led fulfilment centre in Dubai.


Shipster, a custom shipping software platform, has been growing exponentially in the UK logistics industry for a number of years, and their recent expansion into the Dubai market has provided them with a global reach.

The country has a fast growing eCommerce market, with huge opportunities for logistics and shipping companies. For Shipster, it’s a chance to further customise their software and provide their new clients with innovative solutions, in a thriving market.

This surge in growth in the eCommerce sector in Dubai is creating more jobs, as well as an increased demand for warehousing space. Customers in the region are pushing for faster shipping and a wider variety of options - all of which can be achieved through Shipster’s innovative technology.

The software is able to create custom shipping rules for documentation, service types, parcel building, partial despatch, order value, and destination.

Shipster’s new courier integrations include global logistics company, Aramex, DHL Express V10, Quiqup, and AGL - with more in the pipeline. Aramex is a force to be reckoned with in the UAE, offering dedicated fashion and fulfilment services. With their recent relationship with Shipster, the company will be able to add a further range of options to their offering.


“We’re really excited to be getting in to the middle east market.  Shipster is well equipped to work with fast growing markets, and the UAE is rapidly expanding.  Adding new couriers to our ever growing list of supported platforms is also a major bonus for us”

Tony Cheetham, Founder & MD, Oddsphere / Shipster


“It was a pleasure working with PackRovers on this project, leveraging Shipster's flexibility to meet with their detailed requirements covering automated selection of couriers and services for different regions, COD services, varying Incoterms, currencies and customs documents. Exciting times, to be reaching into the UAE market!”

Damian Donnelly, Client Services Director, Oddsphere / Shipster

With a new Dubai client, PackRovers, on their list, Shipster now spans multiple countries, including Germany, France, Ireland, and America. The team has also doubled in size since the pandemic, and announced a recent investment from Fearless Adventure.

About Shipster

Shipster is a custom shipping integration platform developed by Oddsphere Ltd, now connecting over 100 eCommerce warehouses with over 50 leading couriers.

Shipster is best known for it’s unmatched level of customisation per client warehouse, for unique software integrations and shipping rules for: weight, destination, parcel type, parcel splitting vs bundling, temperature, dangerous goods and many more. The software also utilizes a unique plugin system which allows its developers to “inject” updates, new shipping rules or couriers to a client’s current setup without disruption to their working installation.

The team recently doubled in size over the pandemic, won the Digital City Integrators Award (2021), took Silver for best eCommerce Software at the UK eCommerce Awards (2021), earned investment from Fearless Adventures and moved into a large office off Albert Square, Manchester city centre.

Hayley Cowburn - Shipster Marketing Director