Shipster Enters Pharmaceuticals

Shipster Build Custom Shipping Integration for Global Pharmaceutical Distributor Mawdsleys

Manchester, 13th February 2020 –
Shipster have built a custom shipping solution for Mawdsley-s, the UK’s largest independent pharmaceutical distributor, with warehouses in the UK, Europe and the Americas. The solution connects Mawdsleys’ own warehousing software with the Polar Speed’s temperature-controlled delivery service.

In order to further upgrade their shipping operation from some UK facilities, Mawdsleys provisioned an API endpoint for the Shipster team which enabled a quick and clean development process in linking Mawdsleys’ own warehouse management software to the UPS temperature-controlled courier service Polar Speed. Due to the specialist medical nature of goods shipped by Mawdsleys, they need such couriers that can guarantee that shipments will be maintained at the correct temperature. Following its success, other courier integrations were built in as additional shipping services.

After a successful 3-month trial of the Shipster integration in one warehouse, Mawdsleys rolled out the integration into two more warehouses and with the view of more in future and additional couriers.

MD and Lead Developer of Shipster Tony Cheetham says,

“The integration with Mawdsleys has been a textbook case of how efficient our on-boarding and integrations teams are at the moment, with the entire process being completed in the space of a week, including writing custom connectors into Mawdsleys’ custom in-house systems. We take the ongoing role of our software at Mawdsleys’ despatch point very seriously. As a globally recognised pharmaceutical distributor, they have very strict requirements that Shipster has the ability to fulfil.”

Oddsphere Director Damian Donnelly says,

“On-boarding Mawdsleys has been very exciting, bringing insight into the challenges of logistics in the tightly regulated pharmaceutical sector. As Mawdsleys transitioned to a more automated workflow through Shipster, we worked together as a single team to shape their shipping process using our rules engine, implementing decision logic and actions to support their warehouse operations. The actual integration work was done very quickly thanks to both sides having a well-defined architecture - this was an example of how collaboration brings great results.”

Ed Tootell, Application Support Manager from Mawdsleys says,

"In the first few months of use, Shipster has already proved to be an invaluable addition to the Mawdsleys operational process at our two busiest depots. Tony and Damian were receptive to our biggest operational challenges and quickly implemented a Shipster solution that continues to provide a tangible increase to the efficiency and accuracy of our shipping process. The service and support offered by the Shipster team during and since implementation has been exceptional, with no request too small or complex for them to resolve in a timely manner."


About Shipster
Shipster is a customizable shipping platform which integrates client warehouses with their courier(s) of choice and the option of building bespoke shipping rules. Owned and developed by Oddsphere Ltd in Manchester city centre.

About Mawdsleys
Founded in 1825, Mawdsleys is a global pharmaceutical distributor and service provider offering a wide range of services to the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare sector. The business currently employs over 600 people based in strategically located offices and distribution centres across the world.


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