Press: Oddsphere Appoint New Director Damian Donnelly

Customer Services Director Damian Donnelly joined Oddsphere in May and will focus primarily on Shipster.

Following 2 years of organic expansion, Oddsphere has decided it's time to bring fresh meat to the board of two; in the form of a highly experienced Customer Services Director with a background in large-scale technical project management and software engineering.

Damian Donnelly will join directors Tony Cheetham and Hayley Cowburn in leading Oddsphere’s ever-growing team in delivering client projects and software solutions as effectively and efficiently as possible, whilst striking the balance for product development and improved customer services.

Damian has an accomplished background that makes for an interesting LinkedIn profile. After graduating from Salford University, he became a software engineer in Spain, where he entered the Biometrics industry and discovered his skill and interest in project management. He’s since been a senior technical project manager in the aviation sector and large companies including the Association of British Credit Unions and Zebra Technologies Corp.

MD Tony Cheetham says,

“Choosing Damian was a no-brainer. I’ve worked with him previously when we both contracted for ABCUL [Association of British Credit Unions] where he was Technical Project Manager. He knows our product very well, has a great business mind and is brilliant with clients. I’m sure with him on board we will smash the coming years and our expansion.”

Marketing Director Hayley says,

“The appointment of Damian feels like the stars are aligning and everything’s falling into place; his role will be the backbone in making our productivity soar and working smartly with our resources. It’s going to mean great things for us and our clients."

Good luck and congratulations to Damian on his appointment as an Oddsphere Director.