Shipster is Now Integrated with Polar Speed

Coldchain Pharmaceutical Specialists

Our integration with Polar Speed is worth special mention because this is our first temperature-controlled supplier.

Polar Speed is a UPS company that specialises in the delivery, pick, pack and storage of medical goods at the correct cold temperatures.

Polar Speed deliver to the homes of patients, pharmacies and hospitals, with secure warehousing facilities that are MHRA approved, state of the art transportation vehicles and shipment visibility for clients.

Comments from the team:

"We first integrated with Polar Speed for a client who is a large pharmaceutical distributor, who have found Polar Speed reliable in meeting their own strict shipping requirements."
"There's a huge number of specialist shipping rules you can create with Shipster to control many aspects of moving coldchain goods, such as allocating shipments to shipping methods that meet requirements for temperature control and time-in-transit."