We're Now Integrated with DHL Austria!

We are excited to announce our DHL Austria Integration!

DHL Austria is a major division of DHL, specialising in domestic Austrian deliveries and across Europe. An interesting feature of DHL Austria is its particular focus on providing delivery solutions for e-commerce businesses. Their aim is to help European retailers grow their online platforms and sales by catering to their unique shipping needs.

Dating back to the late sixties, DHL (currently owned by Deutsche Post) is now a giant in the courier world, delivering over 1.3 billon parcels across the globe every year. The currently boast the title of ‘the world’s leading logistics company’, connecting over 220 countries worldwide. Since it is such a wildly popular and prolific courier, it is important to us that Shipster integrates with all DHL divisions. This integration provides Shipster users greater access to DHL’s large range of services such as Evening or Saturday deliveries within Austria.

Our development team finished building this DHL Austria integration at the end of June and it is already being utilised by some of our customers. Please get in contact if you would like to find out more about how we could integrate your Shipster with DHL Austria, and countless other couriers.

The DHL Brands that we currently integrate with:

DHL Parcel UK          DHL Express (UK)

DHL Global Mail          DHL Germany

Deutsche Post          DHL Austria

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