New Feature: "Currency Magic" Live Currency Conversion

Shipster now supports live currency conversion! Via a feed from our partner we will update our conversion rates twice a day to keep it as accurate as possible. And via Shipsters internal plugin system we have deployed the new functionality across our entire platform, from our top of the range rules engine, to our PDF generator and customs documentation.

Some of our more seasoned clients might be saying, “But, you already had currency conversion, I use it now!”, and you’d be right, but it’s done with a little trickery at the moment..

When order data is transferred into Shipster it is in the currency of the store it was sold in, which gives us an idea of the price of the total order and the individual items.

But we also have access to the pricing data for the items themselves from your product database, which will be in your home currency. If we match up the items in the orders and work out the difference between the two, we have the conversion rate that was used in the shop and we can apply it to your whole order. If we don’t have the item prices in the store currency we can total up the entire order and work out the rate from that.