Shipster at Manchester Tech Festival

What’s better than a festival? A tech festival! Forget fields of mud and lost wellies, denim shorts and drugs, overpriced beer and overrated artists, Manchester Tech Festival is a tech community event created by the tech community - and we’re ecstatic to be a part of it.

Held in October / November (30.10.23 - 03.11.23), the week-long tech festival features everything you can expect from a bunch of nerds joining together to geek out over tech - as well as all the regular (and irregular) events and activities a festival might have to offer. This includes panel discussions, debates, talks, and networking opportunities.

Topics, or ‘tracks’, that will feature over the week (and run-up events throughout the summer) include: cyber security, women in tech, software engineering, tech for good, and diversity and inclusion - as well as a whole lot more. The event will be held at various locations across Manchester, with the main festival being held at the historical Victoria Baths.

As self-proclaimed nerds at Shipster, it’s a dream culture and event for us, that takes morphs networking into refreshing game nights, netwalking (group mixer hiking) and general mixers.

Old Tech Donations

Shipster will also be sponsoring the Tech Drop-Off Zone, where spare IT equipment can be donated to the Manchester Tech Festival digital inclusion programme. The festival is in October so we're setting up our own collection basket at the office in the meantime. The donated hardware will be refurbished and distributed to those in need. Since the pandemic, digital poverty across Manchester has increased due to lack of hardware, skills and access to the internet, exasperated by the cost of living crisis. In fact, during the lockdowns, 1 in 5 children didn't have access to an appropriate device for the purpose of home schooling.

You can find out more about the Manchester Tech Festival here.