London Fashion Week: Trends to Expect in 2021

London Fashion week 2021 is fast approaching. Although it will work very differently this year, with all the collections being presented on digital platforms, it seems not even a pandemic can stop us expressing ourselves. Many fashion retailers, including our clients, will be looking to London Fashion week to help them predict what the big trends of 2021 will be. Whilst the high fashion you see on the runway is mostly reserved for the rich and famous, these styles are always diluted down into trendy, ready-to-wear clothing.

Using inspiration from London Fashion week expectations and trends that are already on the rise, here are our predictions for what to expect from 2021 fashion and beauty. Unsurprisingly, some of the major themes are comfort, health and casual wear.


athflow fashion prediction

Athflow is a concept original to 2021. Athletic wear and loungewear were already popular trends of 2020 with many retailers pivoting their winter stock into these categories to make up for the drop in demand for party attire. Athflow takes those foundations of ease of movement, comfort and convenience and adds more chic styling. Hallmarks of Athflow are loose flowy trousers, light breathable fabrics, coordinated sets and oversized silhouettes.

The growth of this trend is in line with the recent lifestyle change most working professionals have seen in 2020. Since more and more people are now working from home, they need clothes they can multitask in. A online yoga class at 8 and then a work meeting at 9? Athflow has you covered. Pinterest have put Athflow as their number one predicted trend for 2021 based on recent searches and pins, so it’s definitely one to watch out for.


Do-it-Yourself Fashion

DIY fashion example

The pandemic has also seen an increase in craft projects generally, including making and customising clothes. This trend has been accelerated by the spread of viral videos on Instagram and Tik Tok where users share fashion tips and tricks. Examples of these are hand painting jeans, bleaching clothing, tie-dye and reworking second-hand clothes. These styles are likely to be reflected in London Fashion week, with a lean towards the rough and ready, eclectic style of the 1980s predicted.

We predict DIY fashion will also be popular due to growing concerns amongst consumers for fashion to be sustainable and environmentally friendly. Buying vintage or second-hand clothes that you can adapt yourself is much better for CO2 emissions that buying new.


The Noughties

noughties fashion hat

The most common prediction for London Fashion Week 2021 is that certain styles from 2000-2009 will be making a comeback. It is generally understood that modern fashion operates on a 20-year cycle as this is long enough for trends to make the transition from innovative to outdated to nostalgic. This makes sense when you consider the recent popularity of the chokers and A-line skirts of the 90s.

Expect to see small designer bags, waistcoats, leather jackets and coats, studded belts and faux fur. Even Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton have been spotted hanging out together in co-ordinated velour tracksuits like it’s 2006. The only style we can’t see making a comeback is low rise jeans. Everyone has discovered the joy of a forgiving high waist so we don’t see a U-turn happening anytime soon.



cocooning fashion trend

A major trend predicted by Pinterest for 2021 is Cocooning. This describes layering fashion, focused on being warm and cosy. Expect gigantic scarfs that could be blankets, knitted ponchos, big fluffy socks, multiple layers, wool and quilted materials. Imagine a duvet day but with more elegance. This is a trend we predict (and hope) will emerge soon as it’s perfect for a long, uneventful winter indoors. Cocooning is exactly the comfort we need after a stressful year.


Skincare and ‘Natural’ Makeup

natural makeup look

The tail end of 2020 saw a rise in prioritising skincare over wearing heavy makeup, with consumers being more likely to reach for toner than foundation on a bad skin day. Recent viral makeup hacks such as soap brows and fake freckles demonstrate this move towards a more ‘natural’ look that results in a ‘no makeup’ style result.

Many fashion and beauty experts predict this trend will continue in full force in 2021. We’re predicting earthy-toned pallets, a preference for lip gloss over the previously popular matt lipstick, creamy highlighters, and complexion unifying moisturisers. This marks quite a shift from the heavy contour and over lined lip trends from the past few years, popularised by beauty influencers such as the Kardashians.