In the spotlight: Shipping in other Languages

How can Shipster enhance your global shipments?

The world today is more connected than it ever has been with the internet allowing businesses to access a global marketplace. This means for many retailers it is essential to offer international shipping. However, shipping internationally may be more complicated than you’d expect and involves navigating multiple countries’ varied postal systems and policies on foreign imports. Here are some of the ways Shipster can help streamline this process for you.

Our team can write custom rules for shipping to each country so you can pick the appropriate courier and service. For example, some couriers are more cost-effective for European deliveries, whilst others are more popular for places further afield. The way this works is when you process an order through Shipster, it detects which country the package is for, hits the associated rule and triggers the chosen delivery option.

A particularly unique feature of Shipster is it can automatically print custom shipping documents in a variety of languages depending on each order’s destination. As Brits we are lucky that documents are usually in our native language- why not extend that luxury to your customers?

We help you design and set-up custom shipping documents, translating them into the languages you need. Once this is finalised, we can quickly map rules to read the country information of an order and automatically print the associated documents. Many Shipster users find this feature helpful for creating international return labels/instructions and commercial invoices. You can also choose to print marketing material in the recipient’s language to be enclosed in the parcel. This makes it more likely to be effective and would be a lovely, personal touch for a customer who may be used to receiving international packages in English.

dutch shipping invoice exampleExample: Melvin & Hamilton Shipping Invoice (Dutch)

An excellent example of the use of custom shipping documents for international orders is the invoices we created for our client Melvin and Hamilton. Melvin and Hamilton are a high-quality leather shoe retailer that ship all over the world. They asked us to create custom invoices for their European customers in five different languages. Compare the Dutch (above) and Polish (below) invoice templates. Whilst the language is different, the design and information are the same. In this instance, when Shipster processes a shipment, it automatically fills in the gaps in the invoice template with the order information and prints a completed invoice in the required language.

Polish Shipping Invoice ExampleExample: Melvin & Hamilton Shipping Invoice (Dutch)

Another major consideration of international shipping is currency variations. This is especially important when creating custom declarations; sometimes the wrong currency can mean excessive charges at borders. To combat this, we have introduced an optional rule in Shipster that changes price values into the currency of the order’s destination country. You can choose the enable this for all countries or have a customised selection depending on your shipping needs.
The best part about all this international shipping customisation is it won’t cost you a thing. Creating new rules and adding documents in multiple languages comes at no extra cost as it is all included in your month support fee.

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