Fashion Customers spend on Comfort during Pandemic

According to a snapshot study by Nosto, UK fashion retailers have seen an 11% decrease in conversions and a 29% decrease in sales in March 2020 (compared to March 2019). Amidst economic uncertainty, travel restrictions and the COVID-19 virus itself, people have been spending differently.

After all the toilet roll and rice panic buying, people are settling into isolation and spending more on: office equipment, pharmaceuticals, home entertainment, hobbies, pastimes, home decorating and home “wellbeing” products e.g. candles, oils, blankets, cushions.


In fashion, customers are ditching bras for pyjamas (Adore Me’s new best selling item) and swimwear for loungewear. Customers seem to be putting off buying Spring-Summer collections, delaying the bikini and buying into comfort.

Vogue are calling it,

“the fashion equivalent of comfort food”.

Suddenly the latest fashion trends and outdoor wear seem irrelevant and so fashion retailers are changing their usual Spring campaign message to more relatable “stay in” and “get comfy” campaigns…

Here’s how some brands are changing their homepage campaign message this season:


home business casual example


"turning up to the living room like" photoshoot


Pretty Little Thing

"stay home in style" campaign



workout from home example


Urban Outfitters

stay in bed campaign art


We’re yet to see if these tactics will make a difference in the recovery effort from the knock to sales in fashion. We’re also seeing a huge discounting everywhere in fashion and refocusing of some brands onto other lifestyle products, putting home comfort front and centre.

As well as supporting the “stay at home” during the current crisis, apparel, home and beauty brands can encourage soothing behaviours, such as self-care, investing in comfort and prioritizing mental wellbeing. Only time will tell how long the stay comfy trend lasts and if the summer holidays will come this year.