Client Crush 2024: Swooning Over BullyBillows

Love is in the air, and this Valentine's Day, we're swooning over one of our cherished clients, BullyBillows – a trailblazing dog accessory brand that's reshaping the dog harness, leash, and collar market with its innovative products. Catering to dogs of all sizes, temperaments, and walking styles, BullyBillows combines fun, functionality, and creativity in its designs. The brand has made a mark by delivering worldwide, offering customers the convenience of home delivery or the option to pick up directly from the BullyBillows headquarters office.

📸 Photo by @BullyBillows

BullyBillows has become a go-to destination for pet owners seeking high-quality accessories that complement their furry friends' personalities. The brand's commitment to crafting innovative and durable products has garnered a loyal customer base (especially with bully breed owners!) and its website showcases an array of options that mirror the brand's ethos.

Like a well-fitted shoe (well, not for dogs of course), BullyBillows understands the importance of finding the right fit for every dog. From vibrant designs to tailored functionality, each accessory is crafted to enhance the overall walking experience for both pets and their owners.

In the spirit of love, BullyBillows has unleashed a sale collection for Valentine’s Day, with up to 35% of selected items. Now if that isn’t the dog’s b*llocks, we don’t know what is!

Just as we've had the pleasure of partnering with BullyBillows, we admire their commitment to redefining the pet accessory landscape. As they continue to disrupt the market with their forward-thinking designs, we look forward to supporting their journey and helping them seamlessly deliver their products. This includes:

- International carriers for global shipping: BullyBillows products are, unsurprisingly, loved all over the world, so having a range of shipping options was essential to their operations. We integrated their warehouse with multiple international courier partners, so even pets in the remotest of locations could receive their harnesses!

- Implemented shipping automation: With such a large operation (which continues to grow), BullyBillows required a number of shipping automations to ensure the smooth running of their deliveries. We implemented these to create a faster, more efficient picking and packing process.

- Instore Collection Management - Shipster's software streamlined in-store collection processes for BullyBillows by generating customized collection slips that could produce labels with either blank or overridden tracking numbers. This system eliminated the need for carrier and service name details, ensuring efficient in-store pickups while retaining the ability to print collection labels.

- Descartes Peoplevox X Shipster: Every successful operation has its backstage crew, and for BullyBillows, Descartes Peoplevox was the unsung hero. This warehouse management system (WMS) handled everything from barcoding to order and inventory management. However, the missing piece was seamlessly integrating the final step – booking in orders with the courier and generating shipping labels. Enter Shipster.

This Valentine's Day, we're showering BullyBillows with affection for being a paw-some part of our amazing client base. Here's to the joy they bring to dogs and their owners alike, and to many more wagging tails and stylish walks ahead!

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