Client Crush 2022: We’ve Got Eyes For Melvin & Hamilton This Valentine’s

We love all of our client’s equally - but this Valentine’s, we’ve only got eyes for one of our biggest crushes, Melvin & Hamilton 😍

This sophisticated shoe manufacturer creates products with quality and originality at its core - and has done for over 30 years. They noticed a gap in the market during the 80's, when business attire suddenly became stylish and popular - and the brand hasn’t stopped since. Their website oozes refinement and so do the products.

Expanding into handbags and accessories, Melvin & Hamilton is staying at the forefront of quality manufacturing, creating beautiful products, without sacrificing on their values and ethos.

In fact, something which has always been part of the Melvin & Hamilton brand is their commitment to sustainability. And whilst other brands are only just starting to take note of sustainable fashion and ‘greenwashing’ their websites, Melvin & Hamilton continue the process of manufacturing handcrafted and natural products.

This process includes around 250 steps of production by utilising raw materials and vegetable tanning. Not only does this make their products incredibly sustainable, they’re also durable and breathable.

Here at Shipster, we’ve been privileged to work with the Melvin & Hamilton team, by generating their beautiful documentation for their products, printing in five different languages.

multi language shipping documents

Nicolas Metzke, co-founder of Melvin & Hamilton, said: “When we decided to automate all our operations and go paperless in our warehouse, Shipster was the perfect solution to reduce the number of print-outs to the minimum - all whilst implementing various branded templates for over 15 different sales channels. They make it easy to look nice.”

We think we’ve chosen well for our Client Crush this Valentine’s - and we’re glad to see the feeling is reciprocated! Here’s to getting the right fit with our clients.