Christmas at Oddsphere 2019

Our Christmas Video

Our focus for Christmas really started in October, supporting clients in preparation for Black Friday, Christmas and the January sales, but we also took the opportunity in December to raise some brand awareness and toast all the workers we know in the industry that work so hard at this time of year.

The video is a reminder that all the people working in factories, shop floors, warehouses and courier vehicles deserve more acknowledgement and gratitude for literally delivering everything that makes Christmas.


Warehouse Gifts

The new and improved Shipster sweety box. This year all of our clients received boxes of candy canes, marshmallows, fudge toffees and chewy gingerbread men (Tony’s favourite).

shipster christmas boxes 2019

There was a lot of excess sweets in the office getting us all pleasantly plump for Christmas.


shipster christmas sweets 2019

Our local post office was inundated with Shipster boxes.

shipster christmas boxes 2019    shipster christmas boxes 2019

Christmas Do

We always like doing something different at Oddsphere and for Christmas this year we decided to go for a slap-up meal at Miller & Carter followed by the new darts bar in town “Flight Club”.

oddsphere shipster team photo at flight club manchester

The bar has 14 oches, each with its own seating, coat area and table service. We arrived to a bucket of beers and played a few different darts games: Demolition, Snakes & Ladders, Shanghai Killer and Quackshot. A camera above the dartboard caught every action replay and all the scores were tracked and recorded digitally – so there was no need for all the mental arithmetic after a long day on Shipster support.



Hayley won Demolition

During Snakes & Ladders, Amanda took the biggest ladder (Stairway to Heaven) immediately followed by the biggest snake (Big Mamba)

Damian won Shanghai

Alex was taken out by Amanda in Killer – and swore to never forget it

Amanda, Damian, Tony & Hayley won joint first in Killer

Alex won Quackshot

Hayley & Tony won joint first on Snakes & Ladders


Oddsphere Christmas Photo 2019

We got a little carried away with the editing but decided it could the beginning of a beautiful tradition.

oddsphere shipster team photo christmas 2019


It's been a fun ending to a great year. We're very happy with the team we've expanded to, our new clients and the overall growth this year. Thank you to every team member, partner, courier and customer involved and hip hip hooray for 2019, it's been a good'un!

Merry Christmas and happy new year!