Automated Shipping for Small Businesses - Taking your business to the next level

Is your small business ready to take the step from manual to automatic shipping?

When looking to grow a business, you usually must spend money to make money. Automatic Shipping’s return on investment is that it saves you a considerable amount of time when packing and shipping orders. This allows you to process more orders without it taking more time or more staff members. Automatic shipping software such as Shipster is great for small-to-medium businesses that are expanding, or plan to, and require a more efficient and speedy way to process an increased number of orders. Retailers that have a wide range of shipping needs, utilize multiple couriers and ship internationally will find automatic shipping software especially useful in streamlining their delivery systems. 

What is automatic shipping?

Automatic shipping software such as Shipster integrates with your warehouse management software or eCommerce platform, pulling though information about your orders to instantly create and print shipping labels. Shipster also books the shipping directly with the courier and obtains the parcel’s tracking number (if needed) and sends it back to your systems. You also have the option for Shipster to print a variety of shipping documents such as commercial invoices, CN22s and packing slips. The time it takes to create a manual label is cut down to under a minute.

 Automatic shipping diagram. Basically orders go in, shipping rules are applied and shipments are put onto the correct courier service.

Other Benefits

Another way automatic shipping saves time is by cutting out the decision-making process for staff members. Whereas previously warehouse staff would have to take the time to decide which courier and service to send an order on, this is all selected and created by Shipster based on an order’s details. Shipster can also automatically print the correct documentation, including custom marketing material, for each varied despatch. This is particularly helpful in catering to different couriers’ documentation requirements, for example FedEx often requires international commercial invoices to be printed in instances where other couriers send it electronically.

Shipster also helps remove the element of human error in creating shipments. Incorrectly inputting address/weight information or choosing the wrong shipment service can result in parcels being misdelivered or rejected by the courier, or create extra delivery charges for the recipient. This is much less likely to happen when the order information is passed on electronically and service is chosen based on your custom mapping.

Mistakes can also be corrected on the customer’s end. When an order is processed, Shipster checks the address against the chosen courier’s database and flags up when an address is incorrect. An error message is then shown instructing the user to check the address field that is wrong. To further streamline this process, our technical team can write rules in your Shipster to automatically correct common customer address mistakes, such as putting extra spaces in a postcode, or putting the region name in the country field (this happens frequently for orders going to small islands).


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How much does it cost?

An advantage of choosing Shipster for your automatic shipping is, after the initial set up fee, the monthly support fee is based on how many licences you require. This means the price structure is adaptable to the size of each company that uses Shipster. You can choose to start small with fewer licences then easy upgrade as your business grows and you have more demand to keep up with. Get in touch if you would like to find out more about whether Shipster is right for you.


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