12 Podcasts To Help You Get Ahead in eCommerce

With so many up and coming podcasts out there, it can be tricky to navigate which ones are actually worth listening to - which is why we’ve put together this list of 12 eCommerce podcasts you should check out to gain insights, tips, tricks, and advice for your eCommerce business.

With such an easy format to digest some great content, eCommerce podcasts provide you with all the inspiration you need to boost your business - on the train, in the car, working out, and yes, even at work.

If you’re new to the world of podcasts in general, you can easily discover any of the shows featured on our list of eCommerce podcasts on Spotify or Apple Music.

eCommerce Fuel

If you’re looking for a podcast focused purely on eCommerce, with passionate hosts and guests, the ‘eCommerce Fuel’ will almost certainly fuel your fire (excuse the pun). Andrew Youderian, host of the show, is a successful online retailer, filled to the brim with advice, guidance, and past experiences aimed to help you become the best in the business. He’s also extremely engaging and funny, and has a number of guests on the show to keep things interesting. Definitely not one to miss.

Some episodes to take note of:

🎙️ When Business Is Too Good
🎙️ Making Big Decisions In Your Life & Business
🎙️ How To Build An Audience From Scratch

My Wife Quit Her Job

For entertainment and real-world advice, from an experienced entrepreneur, Steve Chou’s podcast ‘My Wife Quit Her Job’ fits the bill exactly. The podcast series is all about entrepreneurs who quit their jobs (hence the title) and created successful, online businesses - something we know many of our customers have done. Steve interviews a variety of engaging and exciting guests - and he’s not afraid to ask the questions that really matter, gaining some great insights from these experienced entrepreneurs.

Episode titles to take a look at include:

🎙️ The Psychology Behind Starting A Successful Business
🎙️ How To Build A Powerful Brand With Social Media
🎙️ Idiotic Mistakes We’ve All Made As Ecommerce Entrepreneurs


some guy listening to a business podcast

2X eCommerce

If you’re looking for quick growth in your eCommerce business, then ‘2X eCommerce’ should be the podcast you should head to first. Hosted by Kunle Campbell, the episodes focus on all things growth, results, and acquisition. Kunle and guests look at real life experiences from success stories. This is not light listening, but intended for the more serious listener. Popular guests on this show include Josh Elizetxe, Scott Gabrielson, and Nir Eyal.

Episodes to try first:

🎙️ Scaling Customer Relationships With Conversational SMS Marketing
🎙️ Maximising Customer Loyalty Through Personalised Pricing
🎙️ Using Customer Psychographics For 1:1 eCommerce Personalisation


Host Andrew Werner takes us through the rollercoaster world of eCommerce entrepreneurship. His podcast ‘Mixergy’ provides you with some pretty juicy advice and guidance, through his own experiences, as well as interviews with over 1,00 eCommerce business owners - all successful in their own right. The episodes are a little on the longer side, usually just under or over an hour, so these aren’t for the faint hearted. But if you’re looking for real experiences and proper eCommerce and general business advice, ‘Mixergy’ is the place to be.

Keep an eye out for these episodes:

🎙️ Addressing Customer Gifting At Scale
🎙️ Can Automated Personalisation Really Work?
🎙️ SMS Marketing For eCommerce


If you’re looking for eCommerce advice, without any fluff or beating around the bush, then Mike at EcomCrew should be your first choice. This is ‘real-world’ advice, not just marketing executives pitching you an idea. Whether you’re just starting out in the eCommerce world, or you’re a veteran to the industry, the EcomCrew podcast has enough information-packed episodes to choose from, giving you exactly what you need - regardless of experience.

Some episode titles include:

🎙️ Rebuilding A $1M Brand - Dave’s Year 4 Update
🎙️ Selling Your Business Is Simpler Than You Think
🎙️ How To Successfully Launch Your First Product And Putting Your Content Site to Good Use

another guy listening to a riveting ecommerce podcast

Shopify Masters

Hosted by Felix Thea, ‘Shopify Masters’ is the official Shopify podcast - so you know it’s going to be good. It’s filled to the brim with everything eCommerce, with guests and fellow merchants, talking about their experiences with success, growth, and problems they’ve encountered along the way. This isn’t a podcast with well-known names, however, but that’s what makes it what it is. Guests draw upon real-life experiences - everything that our own customers are likely to have experienced. It’s informative, inspirational and full of great tips and tricks that you can apply to your own eCommerce business.

Great episodes to take note of:

🎙️ The YouTuber Who Built An 8-Figure Fragrance Company
🎙️ Getting Acquired Without Your Typical Off-The-Chart Sales Figures
🎙️ Converting Cold Traffic: How $200K In Ads Generated $1.8M In Revenue

Future Commerce Podcast

Looking for something retail-focused? Then look no further than the ‘Future eCommerce’ podcast. They explore how eCommerce impacts the world, with weekly podcast episodes looking at capitalism, consumerism, and other heavier subject matters. This show certainly isn’t for everyone, but it really delves into the impact that commerce has on the world and looks at what can be done in the future. If you’re an experienced eCommerce aficionado, then this is definitely the podcast for you.

Insightful shows include:

🎙️ Fast Isn’t Solving Payments, It’s Solving Identity
🎙️ How Can Marketplaces Leverage Shipping?
🎙️ Why Should I Prioritise Shipping In My Business?

The Fizzle Show

A highly reviewed and rated podcast, ‘The Fizzle Show’ is ideal for eCommerce entrepreneurs looking for a range of subject matters, from self-employment to content marketing. The hosts, Corbett, Steph, and Chase discuss in informal detail about a number of issues, ideas, and inspirational tales. This is an entertaining and informative podcast, ideal if you’re looking for a bit of variety and engaging hosts.

Episodes you don’t want to miss:

🎙️ Finding The Balance Between Online and Offline
🎙️ Scrappy Selling For Quick Revenue In Uncertain Times
🎙️ Working Hard But Not Making Any Progress?

woman listening to a retail podcast

Side Hustle School

Although you might already have an established brand and business and aren’t looking for a side hustle, don’t let that put you off this brilliant podcast. Although the focus is on side hustles, there’s plenty of brilliant advice for budding eCommerce entrepreneurs - and those of you who might think you know it all already. And even if you don’t take any advice or guidance from this show, it’s still an entertaining and engaging podcast that allows you to hear all about some pretty weird side hustles…

Interesting episodes include:

🎙️ Warehouse Manager Sells Twitter Threads As A Service
🎙️ Failure Friday: “They Refused To Listen To My Big Pitch”
🎙️ Social Studies Teacher Gains 1.5 Million TikTok Followers

eCommerce Master Plan

With weekly, 30 minute episodes, this is a great podcast to start with, as you’ll always have something fresh and new to listen to - with a decent length of time to absorb all the information. The ‘eCommerce Master Plan’ podcast is run by Chloe Thomas, who interviews a number of eCommerce experts from all over the world. With inspirational advice and guidance, as well as real-life experiences, this podcast is full to the brim with expert commentary that you just can’t miss out on.

Some interesting episodes include:

🎙️ The Age Of Influence
🎙️ How To Survive The First 12 Months Of A Beauty Startup
🎙️ Growing A Sustainable Fashion Business To 7 Figures

eCommerce Paradise

The title of this podcast certainly sounds like a dream, right? Well, the content of it is even better. And if you’re in the international eCommerce market, then ‘eCommerce Paradise’ should definitely be added to your list. Host Trevor Fenner travels the world, whilst still running his high ticket drop shipping business - the episodes mainly consist of him discussing his experience, of which there’s a lot to learn from. His aim is to show you how you can work smarter, not harder - and enjoy life to the fullest.

Some episode titles include:

🎙️ What To Do If Your eCommerce Sales Are Slow
🎙️ Business Formation For High-Ticket Drop Shipping
🎙️ How To Start An Ecommerce Business In 2021

Duct Tape Marketing

Host John Jantsch interviews a number of prominent thought leaders, experts, and authors on his podcast ‘Duct Tape Marketing’. Focusing on business as a whole, the podcast covers a range of topics, all with their own insights and advice for business owners. Previous guests have included Ben Shaprio, Tim Staples, and Alison Levine. Each episode is 20 minutes long, so they’re easy to digest.

Episode titles to look out for:

🎙️ Creating Content For Every Stage Of The Customer Journey
🎙️ Connecting And Building Trust Behind A Screen
🎙️ Finding Joy In Your Business



With so many great podcasts out there on the subject of eCommerce and business, you’ll be inundated with new episodes and topics to listen to weekly - if not daily! Whichever ones you choose to listen to, there’s a plethora of great information out there, you just need to start listening.