10 Shipping Rules for Fashion Businesses... with GIFs!

Since fashion e-commerce retailers form a large portion of Shipster users, we have developed a large range of shipping rules that cater to their unique needs. These rules are designed to help streamline the shipment of clothes and accessories, saving these businesses time and money! 

Here are ten of the many shipping rules our fashion industry clients use to customise their Shipster set up.

Integrated Returns

For certain couriers, you can enable the option of automatically printing return labels. These can be enclosed in your parcels so your customers can easily return unwanted items without having to print their own return labels.


Next Day Shipping

Set up integrations with couriers that provide next day shipping and map rules that automatically choose these services for certain orders. These rules could even be time specific, changing services based on which is quicker if despatched in a particular time window. This helps fashion businesses keep up with the speedy delivery expectations on fast fashion.


High-Value Parcels

Set up your Shipster to automatically choose an insured or signed for delivery service for expensive or delicate items. This is especially useful for companies that sell luxury products. Shipster can also print alerts to affix to these parcels or that instruct packers how to handle high-value orders.


Marketing Material

Alongside labels, Shipster can print custom marketing material or adverts to accompany orders. You can upload as many documents as you want, and trigger their printing based on order information. For example, you may want all shoe purchases to be shipped with vouchers for socks. 


Store Collection/Drop off

Integrate your Shipster with couriers that provide in store collection or drop off services such as Hermes Parcel Shops, or Collect Plus. This allows greater flexibility for your customers who prefer not to receive deliveries at home or do not live near a Post Office. You can also add rules that automatically amend any mistake in the delivery address of store collection orders.


Influencer Rules

Clothes shipments to influencers and reviewers can be tagged as such in each order’s data and can trigger the print of any additional documents. This can vary from user instructions to marketing briefs. Also, for orders where the recipient is not charged, the value fields can be repopulated for the purpose of correct customs forms. 


Promotional Delivery

Map temporary rules that select certain delivery options during promotional periods. For example, you may require a cheaper shipping service if you are running a free delivery promotion, or a more expensive express service in order to shift stock quicker during busy periods such as Christmas.


Partial Despatch 

Partial despatch is when you process an order with only some of the items available to be shipped. You can enable the option on Shipster to alert the packer that it’s a partial despatch and print multiple labels so these orders can be split and sent separately. Our clients find this useful for shipping bulky fashion items that require their own parcel, or to stop out-of-stock items delaying the delivery of the rest of the order. 


Third Party Platforms 

If your orders sold on third-party platforms, such as eBay or Amazon, are tagged to reflect this, rules can be mapped to send them on a chosen service. This could also be useful if you have multiple versions of your sales website for different countries. For example, all order sold on you USA platform could be sent using an American courier such as UPS.


Multiple Languages

Set up custom documents in a variety of languages which are printed based on the destination country of each order. This function is especially popular amongst Shipster users who regularly ship internationally and use this function to print multilingual invoices and return slips. 



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