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The Shipster Shopify integration offers a seamless connection between Shopify's robust e-commerce platform and Shipster's efficient shipping solutions, optimizing the fulfillment process for Shopify stores. This integration simplifies the management of shipping logistics, enabling businesses to automate the dispatch process, from shipping labels, to shipping rules, documentation and courier bookings. By leveraging the Shipster Shopify integration, businesses can enhance their operational efficiency, reduce shipping errors, and deliver a superb customer deliver experience. This solution is essential for Shopify store owners looking to streamline their shipping processes with or without a WMS or larger eCommerce tech stack.

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What we include

Main Features

Flexible Licenses

With a flat license fee, businesses benefit from the ability to scale their operations seamlessly through our Shopify integration. This flexibility allows for the adjustment of licenses as needed, providing cost-effectiveness and adaptability during peak retail periods such as Christmas, enhancing Shopify shipping efficiency.

Custom Shipping Rules

Retailers can create bespoke shipping rules tailored to their operational needs. This feature automates shipment processing, reducing manual errors and ensuring that the right products are shipped to the right destinations under the right conditions.

Control Panel

The integration offers a user-friendly control panel, providing businesses with a high degree of autonomy. Users can easily add or remove couriers and packing stations based on their changing requirements, without the need for extensive technical know-how.

Unscripted Support

We offer quality, real-time genuine assistance through both telephone and email, ensuring that your queries are addressed promptly and efficiently.

Seamless Integration

The platform's design facilitates easy integration with a multitude of couriers. This means your business can select its best courier service based on unique requirements, whether it's for local deliveries or international shipping.

All Shipping Documents

Shipster automatically generates all relevant documents with each of your orders, with order, customer and delivery information mapped including: Shipping Labels, invoices, returns, CN22s etc. The design for most documents can be completely custom, the exception being official courier shipping labels.

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Our Limitless Custom Shipping Rules

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Custom Shipping Documents

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Our Flat Monthly Fee: What you get

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Connected Couriers

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Endless shipping options

We're an Industry Secret...

Take strategic advantage of the biggest secret in shipping; Shipster is the secret sauce behind multiple brands in the annual Times Fastest Growing Private Businesses, including Rixo, AYBL, Lounge and Pets Purest.

Integrating Shipster with Shopify will revolutionizes your e-commerce shipping, with tried and tested and officially approved integrations with leading couriers such as the Royal Mail.

The options Shipster offers to streamline your Shopify shipping processes significantly enhances operational efficiency without the need for a Warehouse Management System (WMS).

By automating the generation of shipping labels, implementing custom shipping rules, and facilitating efficient deliviers through your existing courier accounts, you will minimize shipping errors and elevate the customer delivery experience.

Shiping rules are collections of criteria or conditions that you decide a shipment needs to fulfil to trigger a certain command. For example, you might decide that all shipments over 2kg should be shipped via DPD. These rules can be rather complex to really boost your shipping speed and combinations can be made. They are not preset. As long as the data exists e.g. shipping destination, price, type... we can create a rule for it. 

Shipster is suitable for businesses shipping hundreds to thousands of parcels per week. We have very large clients operating from multiple warehouses and many who have recently expanded into a warehouse setup. The minimum number of licences we offer is 4, which would typically equate to two packing benches.

Shipster is charged per packing bench and courier integration, meaning your pricing will remain at a flat fee per month unless you add/remove more couriers or benches. You can get exact pricing for the Shipster licences you would need using our pricing calculator.

There's also a one-time onboarding fee of £2500 (reduced to £1500 for two-year contract signup). 

Our onboarding process is made as easy as possible for the client. Your main role will be ensuring that we have access to the relevant platforms and giving us a clear view of the shipping rules you want us to achieve. Some clients prefer to demonstrate this on a spreadsheet, flowchart or discuss on a call. The whole process takes about 4 weeks but we like to allow 6.

Yes, Shipster generates, populates and prints all shipping labels per order. We are integrated with over 50 couriers and are an approved third-party partner of the Royal Mail. 

We offer unscripted technical support with trained engineers who will take your call and support tickets. Almost all rule and configuration changes can be resolved and live same-day. Support is included in the flat licensing fee.

Our list of integrations is

Always Growing

We’re always writing new eCommerce integrations, especially for the growing number of couriers that our clients want to ship with all over the world. Always get in touch if there’s an integration you need some help with; we may already be working on it or able to add it as a new build on our schedule. 

We can write new integrations for £1,400 each or completely free if you’re not in a rush and happy for the work to wait on our development schedule. New integrations are beneficial to both us and our customers so it makes sense to us that we keep on building!

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