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Customise the way you ship via TNT with a custom shipping integration


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Shipster is proud to integrate with TNT

TNT is a Dutch courier company that offers domestic and international shipping solutions across the globe. It is not a currently a large company on it’s own, but it is owned by the courier giant FedEx which acquired TBT in 2015 and since 2018, both couriers’ systems and services have been fully integrated. This means TNT can not only rely on its unparalleled European road network, but also has access to FedEx’s global air systems, improving both couriers’ logistic potential.

On their website, TNT’s official tagline is that they provide ‘flexible’ shipping solutions, and they definitely live up to this claim. What makes TNT unique is their customisable ‘special services’ that can be tailor made for your shipping needs. For example, they can provide all the conditions necessary for shipping temperature sensitive items, animals, flammable liquids, fragile items, or machinery. In 2015 they even successfully shipped a T-Rex skull from USA to the Netherlands!

TNT also offer UK same day delivery services which are also partly customisable. Many businesses find this crucial for shipping urgent medical supplies, or legal documents.


How does a TNT integration work?

During the set-up process, our technical team writes ‘rules’ which map certain features of your orders to trigger the chosen TNT shipping service. This is dependent on your company’s individual shipping needs. Shipster then generates and prints a shipping label for this service and sends all the parcel information to TNT. Find out some of the ways you can customise this rule mapping below.

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Create rules from dozens of conditions and commands

Example Shipping Rules

Temporary Date Rules

Particularly useful in the case of promotional periods, add in temporary rules for orders placed within a certain spread of dates that sends them on a particular service. For example, you may be running a free shipping promotion for orders over a certain price and wish for them to be sent on a cheaper option than usual.

Bulky Items

If one item or total package size is over a certain dimension limit, choose to automatically send the order on the quickest or most cost-effective service, alongside printing the necessary safety and care documentation for staff and for the customer.

Barcode & QR Codes

Generate barcodes for processing purposes such as swift returns. Add QR codes to your shipping documentation to aid tracking or for marketing intentions.

Dangerous Items

Create multiple shipping rules to handle and ship dangerous goods safely. Products marked as dangerous, or matching a particular product category, can trigger Shipster to print the correct shipping documentation, staff instructions and allocate to the appropriate courier service.


Allocate orders to be shipped on the most cost-effective service based on weight. Shipster can also instantly calculate whether it is more efficient to split or bundle items together.

Courier & Service Selection

Map Shipster to automatically choose a courier and delivery service based on certain information points in an order. This list is endless, from destination country, to day of the week that the order was placed.

Commonly Asked Questions About our Integration with TNT

TNT are known for their large, heavy, sensitive, or fragile item services. TNT is also great if you require very quick domestic shipping because if their impressive next day service. 

To summarise, Shipster pulls information about your online orders from your warehouse management system or sales platform and uses this to create and print shipping labels for your chosen couriers. Shipster automatically books the shipment directly with the courier and sends the tracking numbers back to wherever the order information was imported from. There is also the option to print other shipping documentation through Shipster such as return labels, CN22s and commercial invoices. 

Whist this courier is especially competent at domestic shipping, it does offer a wide range of international shipping options. It has a remarkably efficient system of delivering via road across Europe, and benefits from using FedEx’s global air network.

You can make changes to your rules whenever you want and as many times as you want. Shipster is designed to be fully customisable and flexible around your various shipping needs. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like to make any changes to your current TNT integration. 

Yes. You can choose to integrate with as many couriers as you require, and can seamlessly change between them. We integrate with a long list of leading couriers such as DPD, Royal Mail, DHL, FedEx and Deutsche Post. More are added all the time and we are always happy to explore integrating with new couriers upon our customers’ requests.

If you have any technical problems or questions whilst using Shipster, we have a dedicated support team at your disposal. Our email and phone support service operates between 10am-5pm Monday to Friday, with email support over the weekend. We are even happy to contact TNT on your behalf if necessary.

Who else is using the Shipster-TNT Mail Integration?

Popular in these sectors

- From this pie chart you can see that TNT appeals to a wide variety of sectors with a skew away from the fashion industries usual domination as seen with many other couriers.

- TNT is popular with home and electronics businesses as they are more likely to need TNT’s customisable shipping solutions for heavy or bulky items.

- It is likely food retailers favour TNT due to their speedy same-day services, helping food reach restaurants and supermarket shelves way before the use-by date expires.


Customers that use our courier integrations



Nathan Bawden, Lead Data Coordinator

"I know I've said it before, but just wanted to say again how impressed I am with your team of folks, they have been nothing but professional at every stage."

CHO Fashion & Lifestyle

CHO Fashion & Lifestyle

Gareth O'Rourke, Head of E-Commerce

"We have been using Shipster for 18 months and it has literally transformed our warehouse department. We have managed to fully integrate with our three main couriers and significantly improve the speed, efficiency and accuracy at which the warehouse team are able to push parcels out of the building. We have managed to do this with the same number in our despatch team as what we had 18 months ago, even though parcel volumes have gone from 70,000 to 120,000 parcels."