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Customise the way you ship with P2P with a Shipster Shipping Integration


(P2p has now rebranded to FedEx Cross Border)

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Find out why so many businesses choose to integrate P2P with Shipster


Based in Essex, P2P expertly provides UK based online retailers (or ecommerce businesses) with high quality, international shipping solutions. They cater to businesses of all sizes and describe their services as “flexible”, “efficient” and “trustworthy”. P2P is a relatively small courier compared to some of the Shipping giants we integrate with, handling around 16.5 million parcels per year in contrast to Hermes’ 160 million parcels in the same time period. Despite this, they ship on behalf of many large UK businesses such as Marks & Spencer and ASOS as well as working with SMEs.


P2P’s TrakPak service helped gain them a national reputation. This ground-breaking solution was the first international tracked delivery system made specifically for e-commerce retailers. You can find more details about the different services P2P offer in the FAQs below.


Although owned by FedEx, who acquired them in 2018, P2P provides end-to-end shipping, overseeing all stages of a parcel’s journey from the business’s warehouse to the international recipient.


We set up this integration for some of our fashion retailer clients who fed back to us that P2P is helpful and straightforward for dealing with large volumes of online international orders. We are always happy to explore integrating with new couriers that best suit our users’ needs.


Find out some of the ways you can customise your P2P integration below. If you have any questions or would like to know more about how Shipster works, we welcome you to get in touch via our ‘contact and help’ page.

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Create rules from dozens of conditions and commands

Example Shipping Rules


For international deliveries, set up for certain custom documents to be automatically printed in the language of the destination country. This is especially useful for returns instructions or promotional marketing material.

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Address Correction

Often, addresses must be formatted in a certain way for shipping to be successful. This is common in the case of islands owned by mainland countries where the customer often inputs the island name into the country field. Rules can be written to automatically correct common mistakes such as these.

Total Sales Cost

It may be advantageous to ship orders with a certain total value on a particular due to the cost of insurance or shipping. We can also map certain sales cost values to trigger the printing of certain documents such as free returns labels or coupons.

Return Labels

Generate return labels with every order or selected items only. Labels can be standard 4x6” labels or integrated with an A4 invoice/returns document using your design.

Currency & Customs

When shipping internationally, choose to convert the sale price information into the desired currency. These conversions will be reflected on your shipping documents such as CN22s, streamlining the process of calculating customs charges at foreign borders.

Temporary Rules

Create time sensitive rules that only apply to orders shipped in a chosen date range. This is perfect for simplifying shipping during busy periods such as Christmas, or for catering to temporary promotions such as free shipping.

Commonly Asked Questions about our P2P Integration


In summary, Shipster pulls your order information from your warehouse management system and uses this to create and print shipping labels for your chosen couriers. Shipster automatically books the shipment directly with the courier and passes back the tracking numbers. There is also the option to print other shipping documentation through Shipster such as return labels, CN22s and commercial invoices. 

As part of the Shipster set up process, we write ‘rules’ which map certain features of your orders to trigger different P2P shipping services depending on your shipping needs. Shipster then sends the parcel information to P2P and generates a shipping label for the correct service. 

P2P delivers to over 220 countries across the globe. You can find their full destination list on their website.

Although P2P work with many big-name businesses, they also cater successfully to individual small to medium companies. On their website, they describe one of their aims as helping UK businesses gain affordable access to exciting new markets across the world, which may be ideal if you are looking to grow your customer base. 

P2P’s most popular and well-known service is ‘TrakPak’ which is an end-to-end fully tracked international service. The also offer a cheaper service called ‘UnTrak’ for parcels that do not require tracking but without scrimping on the quality or speed of the delivery process. Their third and final service is an ‘Express’ option for parcels that need to be delivered quickly. They boast a next day delivery guarantee to Europe and 1-2 days for the USA. 

The length of setup time depends on if you are a new or current customer. An integration with P2P for a new customer will take around to 3-4 weeks to fully set up and test. This process will be slightly shorter for current Shipster users.

We charge for the initial setup of your rules and the installation of the software. After this, you will only ever be charged a monthly support fee based on your number of licenses. There is no setup charge for existing clients who want to add P2P to their couriers but it may require more licences to run. Check out our pricing page calculator to see how much it will cost to run an additional courier. 

Who else is using the Shipster-P2P Integration?

Popular in these sectors

> As the pie chart shows, P2P is predominately used by fashion and beauty businesses.

> Online fashion companies who regularly ship internationally, such as our client [XXX], take advantage of P2P’s reliable and fully tracked delivery services to access the global marketplace.

> P2P’s fully tracked service and user-friendly online tracking portal is likely an attractive service for fashion retailers to offer their customers who want to know exactly where their order is and when it will arrive.


Customers that use our courier integrations

Royce Lingerie

Royce Lingerie

Richard, Operations Manager

The support from Oddsphere for Shipster is second to none. During the implementation of our new warehouse management system including despatch, Shipster was the best-supported element. The service integrates well into all of our carriers and saves a huge amount of time compared to manual entry. The pricing structure of Shipster means the more we send, the more we save which works well for us as a small to medium size business user. Once it’s set up ongoing costs are minimal instead of being tied to a price per parcel. Overall very happy with the service we have received so far.

CHO Fashion & Lifestyle

CHO Fashion & Lifestyle

Gareth O'Rourke, Head of E-Commerce

"We have been using Shipster for 18 months and it has literally transformed our warehouse department. We have managed to fully integrate with our three main couriers and significantly improve the speed, efficiency and accuracy at which the warehouse team are able to push parcels out of the building. We have managed to do this with the same number in our despatch team as what we had 18 months ago, even though parcel volumes have gone from 70,000 to 120,000 parcels."