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Customise the way you ship via HypaShip with a custom shipping integration


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Shipster’s HypaShip integration is a little different to its other integrations as instead of being a courier itself, HypaShip is industry-leading delivery management solution. Its main aim is to streamline shipping for medium to large businesses with complex delivery and eCommerce operations. The way this integration works is you set up your chosen couriers with HypaShip, which is then in turn integrated with Shipster which creates labels for these couriers based on service codes. An advantage of a HypaShip to Shipster integration is it allows you to ship parcels using multiple couriers that you can easily chop and change between, with minimal changes to your Shipster set up. 

HypaShip is a relatively young company. After being founded in 2011 under the name Data Plug, it secured multiple big-name clients after only a few years, such as the cosmetic giant The Body Shop. HypaShip has now expanded globally boasting customers in North America, Europe and Asia. They were founded with the intention to be led by new technology and they have kept to this promise. An example of this is that all HypaShip operations can be managed through a single mobile phone application.

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Create rules from dozens of conditions and commands

Example Shipping Rules


Shipster can generate barcodes and QR codes to be printed on your custom documentation. This can be useful for streamlining processes such as returns, or tracking parcels.

Custom Documents

Automatically print multiple customisable documents and create rules to print these documents in certain situations. Many clients use this feature to print invoices in different languages depending on the destination country, or marketing material to be included with certain parcels.

Delivered Duty Paid

Use rules to add service enhancements that create DDP labels for certain orders. Delivered Duty Paid is when the sender pre-pays for all shipping related costs including export and import duties. This option is only available for the couriers that provide this service.

Total Sales Cost

It may be advantageous to ship orders with a certain total value on a particular due to the cost of insurance or shipping. We can also map certain sales cost values to trigger the printing of certain documents such as free returns labels or coupons.


For international shipments, add a rule that converts the sale price information into the currency of the destination country. These conversions will be reflected on your shipping documents such as CN22s, streamlining the process of calculating customs charges at foreign borders.

Failed Shipments

Shipping rules can help you manage your failed shipments. For example, choose to automatically transfer them into a "skipped" queue; print documents alerting and instructing warehouse packers that the order has failed; or archive them to a designated folder.


HypaShip describes their purpose as ‘ to help streamline large and complex operations’, so you may find HypaShip helpful if you run a medium to large business and use a range of couriers and services. Another advantage of HypaShip is that, like Shipster, their software solution is highly customisable. 

In summary, Shipster pulls information about orders from your warehouse management system and uses this to differentiate which are to be mailed with HypaShip and on which courier and service. Shipster then creates and prints the appropriate shipping label. The Shipment is automatically booked in with HypaShip and the tracking number is passed back to your warehouse management software. 

Not at all! We are based in the UK and our phone lines are open during GMT office hours, but we have many clients from all over Europe and even a few as far away as Australia. Shipster can be set up, customised and supported from overseas. All of our onboarding, maintenance and support can be done remotely. 

We have a dedicated support team who quickly answer all technical enquiries or problems. Our email support is available 27/7 and our phone line is active 10am-5pm GMT on weekdays. Access to this is included in your monthly support fee. We provide support for your whole packing bench, not just Shipster, and are happy to contact HypaShip on your behalf when necessary. 

Shipster does have the ability to send customs documentation electronically, namely commercial invoices and airway bills. This feature is only available for couriers whose API is set up to request these documents for the countries that support paperless trading.

For each courier you have enabled on each PC you need a license. So if you have three courier on two PCs that will be a total of six licenses. We offer 4 licenses as a minimum and they are priced at £45 each. Unlimited access to upgrades and support is included in this monthly fee. See licence cost calculator.

Who else is using the Shipster-HypaShip Mail Integration?

Popular in these sectors

- As you can see in this Pie chart, HypaShip’s usership is spread across an assortment of business types. 

- This chart includes industries that may have a greater range of product types with specialist shipping needs. This means they may require a large variety of shipping options that HypaShip can provide.

- Unlike most of our other integrations, the fashion industry does not dominate the data. 


Customers that use our courier integrations

Electric Tobacconist

Electric Tobacconist

Ollie Frostick, Head of Digital Operations

"The service offered by Shipster has been nothing short of fantastic. We switched to a new WMS and Shipster allowed us to integrate seamlessly with multiple couriers, while their Inventory Planner connector enabled us to utilise two powerful systems that previously refused to talk to one another. Overall it’s been a great experience so far!"



Daniel Mitchell, Operations Manager

"Shipster for us was like a breath of fresh air with regards to our old system. From the first initial onboarding meeting with Shipster, we could tell they were going to be a company that we could rely on to support our business growth. I have found that no request is too big or small, I have found the team at Shipster are always available which in comparison to our old system is a blessing."