Deutsche Post Integration

Customise the way you ship with Deutsche Post using a Shipster Shipping Integration


 shipster to deutsche post integration diagram. Shipster applies shipping rules to parcels, then each parcel is allocated to the correct Deutsche Post service in 2-3 seconds.


Find out why so many businesses choose the Shipster Deutsche Post Solution

The courier Deutsche Post (trading name Deutsche Post DHL Group) evolved from Germany’s state post service after it was privatised in 1995. It is now the largest courier company in the world, employing around 550,000 people across over 200 countries. Deutsche Post credits its success partly to its foundation being Germany’s famously efficient infrastructure and fosters a reputation for being quick and reliable.

Deutsche Post DHL Group currently owns other shipping giants such as DHL and UK Mail and integrate with their services and systems to provide seamless and consistent delivery solutions. They also deliver under the Deutsche Post branding. Whilst they specialise in shipments from Germany (both domestic and international), they also have divisions in many other European countries including the UK. Their focus on international delivery services is why they have been dubbed ‘an enabler of global trade’ which is what most of our clients that integrate with Deutsche Post user them for.

One particular benefit of integrating with Deutsche Post is their commitment to operating ethically. This includes reducing their impact on the environment by aiming to reduce their carbon emissions to zero by 2050.

Find out some of the ways you can customise your Deutsche Post integration below. If you have any questions or would like to know more about how Shipster works, we would love to hear from you via our ‘contact and help’ page.


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Create rules from dozens of conditions and commands

Example Shipping Rules

Dangerous Goods

Create as many shipping rules as you need to handle and ship dangerous goods safely. Products marked as dangerous or matching a particular product category can trigger Shipster to print the correct shipping documentation, staff instructions and allocate to the appropriate courier service.

Partial Despatches

If only a portion of an order is ready to ship, include a pop-up option to ship the partial despatch separately. This ensures certain items do not delay the delivery of the whole order.

Address Correction

Fix common address mistakes made by customers and avoid repetitive manual address amendments. For example, often when the destination is an island under the jurisdiction of another country, the address fields must be rearranged, and the correct country code added.

Return Labels

Generate return labels with every order or selected items only. Labels can be standard 4x6” labels or integrated with an A4 invoice/returns document using your design.


Shipster can use location data to allocate shipments going anywhere in the world to the appropriate delivery service. This data can also be used to print additional documents such as CN22s that could be translated into the recipient’s language.

Shipping Upgrade

Choose to automatically upgrade an order to a faster delivery option in certain instances such as when a customer spends over a certain value. Or alternatively, automate shipping downgrades. This may be helpful during free delivery promotions when you may wish to save money by sending orders on a slower service.

Frequently Asked Questions


Shipster works by integrating with your warehouse management software or ecommerce sales platform to obtain information about each order. This information is used to create and print shipping labels for whatever courier and service has been chosen either by the customer or by your custom shipping rules. Tracking numbers are obtained and forwarded back into your systems, and shipments are booked in directly with each courier.

If you have any technical questions about, or problems using Shipster’s DPD integration, we have a dedicated support team at your disposal. Our email and phone support service operates between 10am-5pm Monday to Friday, and most issues are resolved the same day they are logged. We are even happy to contact Deutsche Post on your behalf if necessary.

For new Shipster users, an integration with Deutsche Post will take around to 3-4 weeks to fully set up and test. This process will be slightly shorter for current Shipster clients since we have a pre-approved integration with Deutsche Post.

We are currently integrated with over 40 couriers including Royal Mail, UPS, DPD, FedEx, Hermes, and Parcelforce. You can see our full list of carrier integrations on our ‘List of Couriers’ page. If you are interested in integrating with a courier not on that list, please let us know. We are always happy to explore new integrations for our clients. 

You can choose to have your Shipster print many courier documents such as return labels and CN22 custom forms either by default or for orders with certain attributes. We can also set your Shipster up to print any custom document such as marketing material, warehouse instructions, invoices and packing slips.

Yes! You can choose to completely change your shipping rules as your business changes and evolves, including which couriers you’d like to ship with .Additional rule changes after set up are absolutely free as this service is included in your monthly support charge. Shipster is designed to adapt your business grows and changes and be flexible to each client’s fluctuating shipping needs.

Shipster is suitable for all business sizes. Automatic label generation means you can process more orders in less time with less manpower, so is great if you are small business struggling to keep up with demand or looking to grow your customer base. Shipster is particularly useful if you ship using multiple couriers and a range of services as it automates the complex allocation process. Shipster is designed to be flexible around companies’ changing needs and you can easily increase or decrease your licences whenever necessary as your business grows and shifts. 

Who else is using the Shipster-Deutsche Integration?

Popular in these sectors

> As you can see from this pie chart, Deutsche Post attracts a range of industries. This is likely due to the courier’s large size, they can offer a variety of services to suit most special shipping requirements.

> The most popular sector is fashion companies probably because Deutsche Post offer fast and reliable international services which suits the high demand for fast fashion that has no borders.

> As standard, Deutsche Post international packages (up to 2kg) are tracked, insured, and have electronic customs information. This may explain why it is favoured by the health and electronics industries who need a secure way to send small but expensive items internationally, such as medicine and mobile phones.


Customers that use our courier integrations

Royce Lingerie

Royce Lingerie

Richard, Operations Manager

The support from Oddsphere for Shipster is second to none. During the implementation of our new warehouse management system including despatch, Shipster was the best-supported element. The service integrates well into all of our carriers and saves a huge amount of time compared to manual entry. The pricing structure of Shipster means the more we send, the more we save which works well for us as a small to medium size business user. Once it’s set up ongoing costs are minimal instead of being tied to a price per parcel. Overall very happy with the service we have received so far.

CHO Fashion & Lifestyle

CHO Fashion & Lifestyle

Gareth O'Rourke, Head of E-Commerce

"We have been using Shipster for 18 months and it has literally transformed our warehouse department. We have managed to fully integrate with our three main couriers and significantly improve the speed, efficiency and accuracy at which the warehouse team are able to push parcels out of the building. We have managed to do this with the same number in our despatch team as what we had 18 months ago, even though parcel volumes have gone from 70,000 to 120,000 parcels."