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Customise the way you ship via APC Overnight with a custom shipping integration by Shipster


 apc overnight integration



Customise the way you ship via APC Overnight with a custom shipping integration


Formed in 1994, APC Overnight was created to address the need for a decent overnight delivery service in the UK. With three main principles, the company ensured they could expand into the overnight market, whilst managing the expectations of their clients. This includes offering exceptional levels of service; utilising innovative technology; and investing in safety and efficiency.


They’re now the UK’s largest independent delivery network, spanning more than 100 locations in the UK. Alongside this growth, the company also has a keen eye on their environmental impact, ensuring they operate in a responsible and sustainable manner. This includes route optimisation and reducing CO2 emissions.


APC Overnight has also won multiple awards over the years, as well as gaining health and safety certifications, ensuring the well-being of its employees. Compliance is a key aspect of everything APC Overnight implements and this is proven through its UKAS ISO certifications.


With a range of services available, including timed delivery, as well as specialist options available for live fish, liquids, and fragile items, APC Overnight provide a solution for almost every delivery need.

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Create rules from dozens of conditions and commands

Example Shipping Rules

Busy & quiet periods

Temporary rules can be written to better suit your shipping needs during busy or quiet periods. Many Shipster users have found this especially useful whilst they are running a sale or promotion.

Volume of items

Create shipping rules for orders with a certain volume of items that may need to be shipped on a cheaper service or split into two or more parcels. Shipster can generate a pop up asking whether an order with multiple items will be shipped as multiple parcels.

Service Types

Shipments can be allocated to specific courier service types according to the conditions criteria you set. The Shipster rules engine does this using your courier shipping codes.

Number of Items

Set certain rules to be triggered when there are a specific number of items in an order. For example, select a certain courier service, split into multiple parcel, bundling etc.


Automatically upgrade shipping services to express or next day. This can be based on certain data points in an order such as price or weight, or based other conditions such as date. Many of our clients find this feature useful when running promotional periods.


For international shipments, add a rule that converts the sale price information into the currency of the destination country. These conversions will be reflected on your shipping documents such as CN22s, streamlining the process of calculating customs charges at foreign borders.


Shipster currently integrates with over 40 leading couriers and is a popular integrator for warehousing and eCommerce platforms such as Peoplevox, Linnworks and Inventory Planner. Other integrations we have built from scratch include accounting software, digital storage, privately built software solutions and third-party logistics suppliers. This means whatever software you are using, it's likely that we can propose an integration solution for you. 

We charge an initial set up fee of either £2500 or £1500 if you sign an initial two year contract. After that there is a monthly support fee of just £50 per Shipster licence. This allows you access to our 24/7 technical support services and make limitless changes to your rules. That’s it, no other additional hidden costs. Get your own instant pricing using our Shipster pricing calculator.

No! Unlike some shipping related software that puts a cap on the amount of orders that can be processed daily, Shipster does not have such limits. Use Shipster to generate as many labels as you require, allowing you ultimate flexibility. 

We recommend Shipster for all business sizes. This software is great if you are small business with a high demand or are looking to grow your customer base as automatic label generation helps you process more orders in less time with less manpower. Shipster is designed to be flexible around companies’ changing needs. You can easily increase your licences and edit your set up and algorithm as often as you need as your business expands and shifts. 

You can make changes to your rules whenever you want and as many times as you want. Shipster is designed to be fully customisable and flexible around your various shipping needs. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like to make any changes to your current Polar Speed integration. 

In Shipster you can turn despatch days on and off and change collection cut off times for each courier. This would be useful if a courier doesn't pick up your orders on certain days, or usually collect in the middle of the day. For example, if your cut off time was 17:00 and you turned off Sunday, an order processed at 18:00 on a Saturday would have a despatch date of the following Monday. 

Shipster has long established integrations with our close partner Peoplevox, Linnworks, inventory planner and Shopify to name a few. If your business uses a different system or eCommerce platform, we would be happy to look into creating a bespoke integration from scratch. 

Our list of integrations is

Always Growing

> Shipster currently integrates Peoplevox with ~40 couriers and the list is always growing.

> See our full list of Shipster Couriers

> Any courier integrations not on our list can be built for £1400, or for free if it’s not urgent and fits into our Shipster development schedule.

> Our newest integrations are: Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime, ASDA toyou and GFS.

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Client Feedback

Global Football Company

Global Football Company

Daniel Chorlton, E-Commerce Operations Manager

The appeal of Shipster over its competition at the time was based on a number of factors. • Functionality. A new system needed to be able to manage all of the tasks that we needed it to • Reputation. We spoke with and visited several existing clients for real-life validation of credibility • Approach. The company’s relaxed and no-nonsense approach put our minds at ease in what we felt was a fairly daunting (for us!) operational transformation • Support. We were assured a high level of personal, ‘human’ support and availability • Price. Whilst other companies opted to ‘play the game’ re cost and pricing structures, Shipster’s straightforward and fair approach once again appealed to the way we like to operate



Safraz Ibrahim, Managing Director

"What a godsend Shipster has been for our business. We moved our label generation and carrier selection from Scurri over a year ago now and have never looked back. Not only are we saving a lot of money but the support/service from Shipster has been absolutely outstanding. Big thank you to Tony Cheetham and the team over at Shipster!"