Tony Kealys


Tony Kealys


Belfast, Northern Ireland


Baby & Child Care Retail

Project Details

Automating online order processing, Ordorite WMS Integration & Mulitple Couriers

Automating Little & Large Order Processing with Ordorite and Shipster 


Tony Kealys, an e-commerce company based in Ireland & Northern Ireland, focuses on baby products and nursery essentials. They sought a solution to streamline their order processing and enhance overall operational efficiency. A significant portion of their product line consists of large items, notably furniture for which the Ordorite specialises and Shipster can automate for bulky delivery services.

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Challenges and Unique Requirements:

Integration with Ordorite Warehouse Management System: Tony Kealys adopted the Ordorite WMS system for picking, loading and inventory management. Shipster was selected as the end piece of the puzzle to integrate the complete Ordorite WMS with the client’s selected couriers for shipping from Ireland & Northern Ireland. 

Automating Shipping Processng: Before Shipster, Tony Kealys' warehouse operators previously had to manually enter order data into the DPD Ireland portal, generate labels, download and print them, and then manually copy and paste tracking numbers into the Ordorite system. This process was time-consuming and prone to errors. 

Shipping Optimizations: The Kealys solution needed to automate courier selection and work for the distribution of small and large items such as prams, car seats and furniture. Ordorite are furniture retail specialists which pairs well with Shipster to ensure the best delivery method per order requirement.

Solution Provided:

The integration between Shipster and Ordorite WMS allowed Tony Kealys to seamlessly process large numbers of orders at once, with an efficient pick-pack system, automatic label generation with shipping documents, courier bookings and synced tracking numbers with the Ordorite system. The integration eliminated the need for the previous manual data entry and the risk of error. 

A number of shipping automations were programmed into the Shipster rules engine for the client, including rules (such as local currency and document generation) for EU, Non-EU, UK, Ireland, Northern Ireland and Global. 


Streamlined Order Processing: Shipster's integration with Ordorite WMS eliminated a number of manual tasks and resulted in improved overall operational efficiency, accuracy and scalability. and order dispatch. 

Compliance Assured: The custom Shipster rules such as triggering the commercial invoices for international shipping ensured that shipments all meet the regulatory requirements per destination, thus minimizing the risk of delays and penalties. 

Cost Optimization: By giving the client control over the number of Shipster shipping licences, Tony Kealys have been able to control how much shipping power they need throughout the different periods of the year. 

Warehouse staff members were pleased with the streamlined system, as it simplified their workflow and improved overall operational efficiency. Shipster automation and extreme simplicity to use also reduced training needs.

Improved Customer Experience: The seamless integration ensured accurate tracking information, allowing customers to easily track their orders, and enhancing transparency and satisfaction.

A Tony Kealys customer review on TrustPilot praising the same-day dispatch and delivery the next morning.

Shipster's integration with Ordorite WMS revolutionized Tony Kealys' order processing, simplifying the workflow, reducing manual tasks, and enhancing operational efficiency. The successful collaboration between Shipster and Ordorite not only benefited Tony Kealys but is a shining example to other furniture retailers of how the two platforms can be leveraged together to produce a highly effective end-to-end furniture pick-to-despatch system. 

“From the start of the process of getting Shipster to integrate with our existing WMS the experience was seamless and they listened to all requirements that we needed. Upon setup and testing they never failed to change items that we wanted changed. Since we started using the system our warehouse process has been more efficient as the manual input has been removed.”