Sydney, Australia


Women's Boutique Fashion Brand

Project Details

Shipping with various couriers in Australia, via a Shipster-to-Aggregate Service Integration

Near Far, Wherever You Are: Working in Opposite Timezones

Meshki is a Sydney based fashion brand with humble beginnings; two university students who created their own fashion brand, now sported and much loved by celebs such as Kim K, Kylie Jenner and Jennifer Lopez. Their designs are shipped across Australia, the UK & US. 

meshki celebrities collage

When Meshki came to us they were already shipping with a dozen couriers, but a recent change in their warehouse system meant they needed to integrate some new warehouse management software with an aggregate shipping service. Enter Shipster.

During the project, Meshki's aggregate shipping service was still mid-integration with a new courier. So, we integrated Meshki with all the couriers currently available on their aggregate service with the promise of adding the additional courier when it was ready. When something out of our or the client's control occurs like this, we aim to be flexible and use our monthly support time with the client to make sure we get everything perfect, even if it means making later additions or changes requested by the client after launch.

Working in "opposite timezones", meant communication needed to be as efficient as possible and we needed to work on Meshki's system flawlessly during their night time, ensuring everything was seamless and good to go when the warehouse kicked into gear the next morning.

Onboarding Agent for the project Hayley says,

"I imagine when working across the globe like this, it's easy for a client to have some worry about long-distance collaboration. For me, this was my onboarding in Australia and I got to see the added beauty of connecting to a client's systems remotely. Whilst the client was sound asleep, we were buzzing away getting everything installed ready for the client's return to work and update them, and it worked seamlessly."

Meshki went live with Shipster in June 2018 and we maintain contact with their team with updates and to check in if anything further is needed. 

Update: In addition to Australia, Meshki now ships to New Zealand, US, UK, Canada, Europe, Asia Pacific, United Arab Emirates and other countries. They offer pre-order shipping and express delivery to most locations.