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Our first integrations with Royal Mail, FedEx and DPD

"Software Can Make or Break a Business" - Gareth O'Rourke, CHO Director of International E-Commerce

CHO Fashion & Lifestyle put a lot of their success and international growth down to smart business decisions with their software. When Director of International E-Commerce O'Rourke joined the company in 2015, he had some tech overhaul decisions to make that led to significant increases in efficiency, product sales and online conversions. Our part in the story was our very first Shipster integration, which was the biggest cost-saving software change in CHO's strategy. 

Below is an extract from a longer article by CHO Director Gareth O'Rourke.

You can read the full article here: Why Software Can Make or Break a Business

"...When joining my current company I had the unenviable task of informing the MD of the business that the tech that had seen a huge investment 6 months prior to my start date needed to be taken out and replaced." 
"The element that has saved the business the most is a bespoke development for postage with [Shipster] in Manchester. The system has literally saved tens of thousands and has been the perfect option for us instead of going down the costly Metapack or Scurri route. It has transformed how we pick, pack and dispatch parcels and with 10 minutes training anyone can use this. This is an example of selecting the right software package for your business."