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Project Details

Subscription box delivery, eco-friendly shipping & Bulk Despatch

The Client:

Bird & Blend Tea Co., an eco-conscious tea company, focuses on delivering happiness through their award-winning tea mixology products. They required a solution to streamline the shipping process for their monthly Tea Club subscription, ensuring efficient delivery of selected teas to subscribers worldwide.

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Challenges and Unique Requirements:

Monthly Tea Club Subscription: Bird & Blend operates an infamous Tea Club subscription service, where every month, subscribers receive the same-sized package containing selected teas. They sought a solution to streamline the shipping process for this subscription service.

Environmentally Friendly Delivery: As an eco-conscious company, Bird & Blend aimed to partner with environmentally friendly couriers for their shipping needs.

Bulk Despatch: Bird & Blend required a system that would facilitate bulk dispatch of the Tea Club subscription packages, allowing for efficient processing and printing of shipping labels on a monthly cycle.

Solution Provided:

The Shipster Bulk Despatch module was integrated with B&B’s existing warehouse system to facilitate the monthly bulk dispatch of the Tea Club subscription packages.

Automatic queues were generated for subscription orders to be processed at the next Tea Club despatch period - eliminating the need for manual shipment embargoing.

Shipping labels were generated and stored in the system, ready for printing when Bird & Blend indicated they were ready to process a batch of subscription orders. At the same time, regular non-subscription orders could be processed, printed and shipped in real-time without disruption.

Bird & Blend chose to integrate with eco-friendly courier Hived. Hived is a sustainable parcel delivery company, operating with an emission-free fleet of vehicles and incorporating sustainable practices from their delivery service to the coffee in their office.


Streamlined Tea Subscription Shipping: Shipster's integration with Bulk Despatch enabled efficient processing and printing of shipping labels for Bird & Blend's Tea-Club subscription packages.

Time and Labor Savings: The automation of data entry and label generation reduced manual tasks, saving time and reducing the risk of errors.

Enhanced Eco-Conscious Practices: The Bird & Blend courier integration and relationship with HIVED have extended their positive eco-conscious practice into their delivery methods. Following it’s success the company plan to integrate with more environmental couriers e.g. Zedify to completely cover all of their global delivery requirements.

Improved Customer Satisfaction: The streamlined shipping process ensured timely and accurate delivery of the Tea-Club subscription packages, enhancing the overall customer experience.

The collaboration between Bird & Blend, Shipster and the Shipster Bulk Despatch system transformed the tea subscription shipping process, enabling efficient bulk dispatch and accurate delivery of the Tea-Club packages to subscribers worldwide. By integrating with eco-conscious couriers and automating label generation, Shipster supported Bird & Blend's mission to spread happiness and reimagine tea while upholding their eco-conscious values.