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Bespoke Shipping Rules

How do you want to send it?

Need to ship via a different courier for heavier items? Want to send particular items first class only? Shipster offers the flexibility to create as many custom rules as you need. We realize that shipping is not a one-size fits all, therefore we're prepared to listen to your exact needs and adapt the Shipster software for you. 

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How the Rules Engine works

Pay for what you use

Instead of charging per shipping label, we use a licence fee model. Together we will work out how many licences you need and we’ll put you onto a fixed monthly support fee. Not only do most warehouses save money this way but they’re also able to forecast running costs much more accurately.

With a Shipster integration, you are free to dictate how many installations or couriers you are going to need at any given time and your monthly bill will be adjusted to match. This gives you the flexibility to expand or downsize your operations throughout the year. Many clients choose to boost their operations in the run-up to Black Friday and Christmas.

The monthly support fee includes bespoke shipping rules and amendments, the generation & mapping of all shipping labels and documents, tech support (telephone, email, remote desktop), ongoing maintenance and software updates. We also send out monthly Shipster newsletter to keep you in the loop about new software features.

Pay for what you use

Documents & Labels

Show Your Professionalism

Have the required documents generated alongside every order and logged. Documents include invoices, dispatch notes, pro formas, barcodes, return labels and customs documentation - all mapped with the correct data.

Unparalleled Flexibility

Want to add another courier?

With Shipster you can pick and choose which courier to ship with, which documents to print, second or first class etc. all automated per parcel for an amazingly optimized system that takes care of itself. You can ask for changes at any time, even if it’s a new courier not currently listed with us, we’ll make all the necessary arrangements with the carrier and get you integrated quickly. 


Too Fast for the Naked Eye

Could you call your current shipping software provider right now to get a new courier added within a matter of weeks? Sometimes you can’t predict the need for an additional courier until there’s a sudden new order trend or Black Friday is creeping around the corner. With Shipster you can drop us a call, talk us through your dilemma and we’ll get the work done before you know it.

Great Support

"Which machine is it?"

We aim to be the most bespoke shipping software there is, meaning we are 100% attentive to what you need Shipster to do. We offer a generous support system via email, telephone or a live screen-share, meaning we can fix any issues and apply upgrades remotely and in less time.

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