Shipster After-Sales

Shipster After-Sales gives your company the opportunity to control the brand experience from order to delivery. Give customers automated shipping status updates in your brand style, tone of voice, colours and imagery; all through automated emails, texts, instant messages and a unique tracking web page. These are some of the strongest reasons shoppers return to the same retailer because of the convenience, reliability and strong communication it gives them. Garner more loyalty and earn more repeat business by putting your own branded customer order status updates in place.  


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A Fully branded customer shipping experience

Give your customers:

Estimated Delivery Dates

Delivery date estimates are fast becoming a minimum expectation amongst online shoppers. Be on the ball for them with direct-from-the-brand delivery updates.

Delivery Slot Changes

The option to change delivery slots for customers offers them great convenience and proves the reliability and of your store.

Customer Order Recap

Give a visually appealing customer order recap, which is both helpful to the customer, maintains a useful email trail and extends the brand experience.

SMS Updates

Send deliver status updates via text message to customers.

Recommended Products

Give focused and pointed product recommendations in your email updates. A tried and tested way of earning repeat businesses and guiding customers to related products.

Event-Driven Emails

Trigger pro-active, personalised, event-driven emails designed to pique the interest of your customers. Apply your brand colours, images and written style to one of our templates.

Carbon Calculator

Tell your customers how much carbon, number of miles or trees have been saved resulting from their purchase.

Using After-Sales Data

Over time, you will generate usable data with unique insight into your customers' full end-to-end consumer journey.

Returns Portal

Perfect your After-Sales service with a fully branded returns portal for customers to submit a return, track progress and receive updates (an optional extra).

"Hey Babe! Your order is due in 2 days!"

Points of Customisation

Web Updates Page

Customise the shipping updates web page that your customer will visit, for a seamless brand experience.  

Web Page URL

Rename the link that your customers will follow to get tracking updates. This is a small but crucial detail in the consumer journey with a brand they're learning they can trust.

Emails and Text Messages

Customise the content and copy within your email and SMS messages. To preserve accuracy some parts of the status update e.g. "estimated 2 days" are standardized but you can customise every other aspect of the copy within your communications.

Email Design

Using our templates you can design an email with images, CTAs and promos to suit the recipient


Earn repeat website visits, subscriptions, social media engagement and other brand interactions through the strategic placement of your own CTAs.


Insert your current promotions, artwork and similar product links to your order status updates. Earning repeat sales off the back of your strong communication and attention to the customer experience.

Optional Extra:

Returns Portal

Continue to weave your brand experience into your returns system by opting to use our fully featured returns portal. This feature includes:

- A fully branded Returns Portal
- Estimated Return Date
- Branded Return Emails
- SMS Updates
- Optimized for all devices
- Pre-paid Label & QR Code options
- Refund & Exchange enabled
- Return Reasons per item
- Data Collection for returns analytics
- Space for promos & similar products on returns confirmation page

With Shipster After-Sales you can send automated delivery updates to your customers via email and text message. Customers can also check the progress of their order on your branded tracking webpage at any time. 

Yes. As much as we'd love to have everyone on board, Shipster After-Sales is a platform extension for customers with a Shipster installation.

If you want to know more about Shipster, you get get a full rundown of our shipping service on this handy one-pager PDF.

That's a very subjective question, but one we're willing to give our educated opinion on. In the immensely competitive eCommerce industry, customer expectations are rising and stores that can deliver the most convenient and smooth experience are at a competitive advantage. This is the reason we do recommend implementing a seamless, branded after-sales experience because it exceeds these expectations, makes the customer experience memorable and garners brand loyalty, which means long-term repeat business. 

We appreciate that some warehouses will be shipping products from different lines or brands. We can customise your tracking web page, email updates and automation to accommodate numerous brands with different branding. 

The onboarding process for Shipster After-Sales is particularly straightforward if you are already a Shipster user.

The first will involve working out which types of shipments you want to track.. all internal? a particular courier? all shipments?

Whilst we work on implementing the automated updates, you will be given access to the order status web page and email templates for customisation. 

After 2-3 weeks of this, everything will go into testing and if all is well, we put your new customer tracking service live at the push of a button.

If you're already a Shipster client, please use your usual support contact or start an enquiry at 
As you're already a client, the process will be much quicker getting you set up!

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