How Pricing Works

We use a licence fee model

Instead of charging per label (or shipment) we charge a monthly licence fee. Each licence costs £35 and is determined directly by the number of "units" you use in the billed month. The fee covers access to Shipster support (email, remote desktop, telephone), shipping rule changes, software updates and custom shipping documents. We offer 4 licences minimum.


How is it calculated?

The setup below uses has 4 PCs with different couriers. There is a total of 8 connections built which means 8 licences are needed.

= 8 x £35

= £280 monthly support fee


The number of couriers, PC or connections (units) you need is completely changeable anytime and you will only be billed for how many units you use each month. Our clients use this flexibility to boost operations for peak business times of the year and use our pricing calculator to predict the adjusted shipping costs.



For new clients onboarding, there is an initial installation fee of £1,500-2,500. This covers all the person-to-person contact you will have, all technical configuration and completing the processes needed to set up the Shipster integration with your current system and courier accounts. In terms of timescales, every integration is different and reliant on the pace of every integrating party, that said we like to allow around 4 weeks for a Shipster integration from start to end. 

Try our pricing calculator