Our Rules Engine

How it works

The table below shows examples of the types of rules (conditions and commands) that you can setup. We can use any data assigned within an order on your system, so price, product category, weight, destination, language etc to create your own custom shipping rules.


This is Free to do

It feels a little tacky to use a buzzword like “free”, but the truth is we really don’t charge extra for your shipping rules setup or changes. It’s all part of your support fee which we’re very transparent about in our licence cost calculator.



how to create custom shipping rules cheat sheet



The Setup

All you have to do is communicate to us the rules you want; either written or illustrated in a spreadsheet for our team to use. Using this, we do all the technical setup for you. We can test and trial the changes on one of your shipping stations via remote desktop, then roll out to your others when you're ready. You can also choose to have different sets of rules on each PC if you need, and rules can be as temporary/seasonal as you need.


Some Statistics

On average, 60% of our support requests are rule changes. Shipster users benefit from being able to change their custom shipping rules and licence numbers throughout the year to suit their sales patterns, growth, marketing campaigns and peak times of year.


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