PR: Shipster Launch ‘Shipster After-Sales’ Service



Shipster Launch ‘Shipster After-Sales’ Service


Manchester-based custom shipping integration platform, Shipster, announced the launch of its brand new branded post-purchase tracking and returns service "Shipster After-Sales".

From dispatch through to delivery, Shipster clients will be able to keep their customers informed and up-to-date, with personalised details about their orders. The launch of this service further establishes Shipster as a force to be reckoned with in the logistics industry. 

Shipster After-Sales will allow companies to garner brand loyalty, through customised shipping updates and personalised communication. This is achieved by utilising brand kits throughout shipping collateral, such as tone, colours, and imagery. Brand recognition is easily achieved and consumers are far more likely to return for repeat purchases. 

This seamless experience allows Shipster clients to focus on putting the customer first, with regular communication and updates, reducing the number of complaints. The Shipster After-Sales platform, also enables companies to monitor customers’ behaviour, seeing how often (and when) they open email communication about their orders.  

Another key feature of the Shipster After-Sales process is the Returns Portal, which is available as a bolt-on to the default Shipster After-Sales service. This is an easy and intuitive way for customers to create and manage returns, and a simple way for retailers to manage customer information. Similarly to the rest of the After-Sales process, the Returns Portal can be fully branded to instil trust with the customer. 

According to Modern Retail, 65% of consumers want delivery flexibility and more than half want real-time order statuses. Shipster’s after-sales service makes this possible for eCommerce businesses. 

Director, Damian Donnelly, commented: “The launch of our after-sales platform means that we can offer our customers a full circle shipping solution, from order to delivery.  

“We know the kind of pressure our clients are under to keep their own customers happy, as well as encouraging brand loyalty. With the Shipster dashboard, customisation and post-sales communication can be achieved in one place. 

“We’re excited to see where this takes us and how it can help many of our clients.”





About Shipster

Shipster is a custom shipping integration platform developed by Oddsphere Ltd, now connecting over 100 eCommerce warehouses with over 40 leading couriers.

Shipster is best known for it’s unmatched level of customisation per client warehouse, for unique software integrations and shipping rules for: weight, destination, parcel type, parcel splitting vs bundling, temperature, dangerous goods and many more. The software also utilizes a unique plugin system which allows its developers to “inject” updates, new shipping rules or couriers to a client’s current setup without disruption to their working installation.

The team recently doubled in size over the pandemic, won the Digital City Integrators Award (2021), took Silver for best eCommerce Software at the UK eCommerce Awards (2021), earned investment from Fearless Adventures and moved into a large office off Albert Square, Manchester city centre.



Hayley Cowburn - Shipster Marketing Director


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