Our Year - 2020

It's been, different...

Through strange and uncertain times...

45.5% Growth

Despite the pandemic and upcoming Brexit deadline, we've continued to onboard new clients and grow the company. Expanding the support team allowed us to continue offering our shipping customisation service without compromising on the extra support needed during this tumultuous year. 


Britain's Top Growing Companies

New Clients

We're incredibly proud of our client base. In the last year, we've supported some of Britain's fastest-growing private companies, as they rapidly expand and pump up their shipping volumes. 
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We've been coding our butts off...

Dozens of Integrations

Our list of integrated couriers is always growing at the request of our clients and branching further afield in the world. This year we've added couriers such as An Post (Ireland), Post AG (Austrian Post) and DHL Austria. We've created a couple of custom client integrations, connecting their own software with other eCommerce systems and continued to refine the Shipster software and rules engine. 

The Challenges...

The Pandemic

The Pandemic

We responded to the situation in March 2020 by moving our work to home, upkeeping client support, offering extended payment terms on invoice payment for affected businesses and giving free unlimited licence extensions to client warehousing despatching products to combat the crisis such PPE and medical suppliers. See original announcement here


Brexit required quick and decisive action despite the ever-changing information about what Brexit would entail. We decided to create a Shipster version fit for a deal or no-deal scenario early. Once rigorously tested and ready for deployment to all clients, we sent guidance to all clients on how this would take place and what we needed from them. Thanks to great cooperative efforts between support staff and client warehouses, everyone was moved over before the Brexit deadline. 

Strong working relationships...

Keeping in Touch

We don't just believe in good relationships, we believe in strong working relationships that are collaborative and get things done. 2020 has been the first full year of our digital client newsletter - informing Shipster users of every update, new feature and guidance for upcoming holidays and big changes such as Brexit.

We've also continued to have fun with our clients and show our appreciation with more Christmas boxes and this parody "How It's Made" video.

Spoilers for 2021

Our Plan

User Control Panel

We've been developing a user control panel for Shipster users that will give clients more direct control over their Shipster setup and number of licences. Updates on progress will be sent to our clients in our regular newsletter.

Shipster Brexit Build (Now Live)

Continue shipping with confidence to the EU post-Brexit with the Shipster Brexit build - designed for both a deal and no-deal scenario. 

Shipster Dry Dock

A Quality and Assurance Control version of Shipster for testing and trialling new shipping rules and generated documents without impact to live shipping operation. Full release schedule to be determined.