Introducing the Shipster Troubleshooter

An Additional Support Option for Clients stuck on a Stubborn Shipment

In addition to telephone and email support, we want to give our clients the option to nip small issues in the bud before the need to call Shipster support (teach a man how to fish and all that).

We come across many common issues on support that can be fixed by you on-site – often postcode or printer related, and our troubleshooter will help you to identify and resolve them quickly.

shipster troubleshooter preview

By giving you the ability to diagnose and solve these issues on the spot, we hope to save you time and train your team to deal with stubborn shipments more efficiently.

Please do continue to use the Shipster support line and email ticketing system if you are unsure. The troubleshooter is simply an additional tool to screen for hiccups that are easy to fix (yet easy to miss), and if the problem is more advanced or requires software intervention, we will open a support ticket for you from the troubleshooter.

As the troubleshooter is new, we are open to any feedback you might have about it – just use any of our contact forms.

You will find the troubleshooter in the support section of our website. 

If you fancy a nosy now, you can launch the troubleshooter from here: 

 Thanks and Happy Shipping,

Shipster Team