Introducing Shipster After-Sales

We’re excited to announce our brand new after-sales service! From dispatch through to delivery, our clients will now be able to keep customers informed and up-to-date, with personalised information about their orders.

Shipster After-Sales ensures you can garner brand loyalty, giving consumers the trust they crave from buying online. Customised shipping updates, with brand recognition, such as tone, colours, and imagery, provides customers with reliable and strong communication. This means they’re less likely to need to contact customer services and make a complaint - as well as return for repeat business in the future.

Our after-sales service will focus on putting customer experience first, so they can feel confident in your company, as well as receive their orders on time and with regular updates. The Shipster After-Sales platform will enable you to monitor customers’ behaviour too, seeing how often they open email communication about their orders. You might be communicating too much or too little; with the right data, you can track and make better judgements.

Even without knowing this information, the statistics speak for themselves. Consumers want delivery flexibility and real-time order status visibility - regardless of how often they actually check it. Customers like to feel in control of their orders, knowing that if they needed to, they could amend their order or change their delivery options. With Shipster After-Sales, you can provide your customers with that confidence.

So what exactly does our after-sales experience look like?


For both your customers and your brand
Update your URLs and web pages to match the style of your brand
Customise email content, as well as add in personalisation
Add promotions that match the consumer’s buyer behaviour


Customisation can’t be possible without data
Create unique insights into your customers’ journeys
Offer more flexibility for customers based on data


From customer order recaps to event-driven emails
Provide consumers with delivery slot changes
Give updates on estimated delivery dates

You can find out more about our after-sales service here, or contact us directly to talk through your options.