10 Subscription Boxes You Didn’t Know Existed

It’s 2023 and you can literally buy anything on the internet. In some ways, this is amazing - but in other ways, it’s downright frightening. And in between, are the weird and wonderful things that no one really wants or needs, but make you think “Capitalism really popped off today!”. Below, we’ve identified some of the wildest and most wonderful subscription boxes you didn’t know existed (unfortunately, some of them actually don’t exist anymore, but are fun to include).



First up is CatLadyBox - and just as it says on the tin (or box), this is the perfect gift for the cat lady in your life. The US-based subscription service offers exclusive cat and kitten items, such as toys, accessories, and even clothes (for you, not the cat). Choose your box, pick your plan (1, 3, or 6-month subscription), and then you’ll be feline good.

Jam On Toast Club

jam selection

Does this even need an explanation? You receive multiple jams to sample on a 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month basis. Perfect for preserve perfectionists, this is a great way to discover new flavours (or even use as gifts for friends and family). Jamazing.


Mon Dessert

 pineapple cake

Yes, we’re featuring a lot of foodie-related subscription boxes, but who can blame us? Mon Dessert is a subscription that sends baking kits through the post, so you can create and eat your very own creations, with recipes and tips from the experts. Bon appetit!


Letters From Dead People

 example letter 1927

Morbid? Yes. Creepy? A little. A conversation starter? Absolutely. For a flat fee, you can receive a year’s supply of letters from the grave (or urn). All the correspondence allows you to unravel a mystery, which you can decipher once all the letters have arrived. Ideal for your Goth friends.



pomora olives

Back to flavour town, Pomora is a subscription service that allows you to adopt an olive tree and then you receive delicious olive oil throughout the year. The company works with farmers in Sicily and Campania, so you know you’re getting the good stuff. This is a particularly unique gift for the budding chef in your life or if you’re a fan of quality ingredients.


Pickle of the Month Club

Pickles (or gherkins) are so popular that multiple clubs have launched worldwide. The OG club (featured on Good Morning America and in the Wall Street Journal) offers a range of subscription options. You’ll be sent high-quality, mouth-watering pickles, as well as the Pickle Lover’s Newsletter. 


Venture in History

History buff? We’ve got you covered. Each month, you can receive world paper money - yep, that’s right. You’re spending money to receive more. Venture in History’s experts will choose 7 or more genuine currencies to send through the post (at least $20 worth). Many of these currencies will gain value over time, so it’s really more of an investment - and pretty cool to boot!


Skulls Unlimited Bone Box

Staying with the history theme, this one is a little more gruesome. Skulls Unlimited offer a Bone Box subscription service, offering you a range of bone-related products, such as real or replica animal and human (!) bones. We’re not such who this is aimed at, but it might be your Goth friend again. Morbid and interesting, what more could you want? Maybe they’ll make great ornaments, who knows.


Turntable Kitchen

Back on the food train we go. This time we have a subscription box with a difference - great food and great music. Turntable Kitchen lets you receive a curated food and music discovery experience in the mail, pairing great tunes with great tuna (or whatever is on the menu that month). Buy as a gift for foodie friends, or keep for yourself and discover new music and new tastes.


Cheese Posties

Last but by no means least, is Noel Fielding’s (and our MD, Tony’s) favourite subscription box - ‘a homage to fromage’, Cheese Posties. Although no longer in existence, the subscription service offered a one of its kind package - cheese toasties by post. Yes, just in case going to the newsagents for a loaf of bread and a block of cheese was too much for you, Cheese Posties provided the tasty snack through your letterbox. With unique flavours and pairings, we can see why the service was so popular (over 100,000 kits sent to cheese lovers throughout the UK). Unfortunately, the operation ceased trading in 2018, leaving cheese toastie aficionados as blue as Stilton.